Private Detectives May Already Be…

The following is a work of Fiction, or Parody, or Fair Use…or whatever legal excuse Bill Schmalfeldt used to avoid trouble for photoshopping a guy’s face on a porn picture. If he can avoid penalties, anybody can:

Private Detectives may already be in Myrtle Beach, SC, using cameras and video recorders to document the activities of a civil litigant whose life partner says his physical condition is deteriorating. After more than a decade of ups and downs, his degenerative condition has improved greatly, which is exactly what degenerative conditions do not do, and now that it is a factor in a lawsuit.

We take you now to the hotel in question:

Sweety #1: Sweety? I’ve been thinking.

Sweety #2:  Yes?

Sweety #1: What if that bad man has hired someone to follow us on the beach? In the gift shops?

Sweety #2: You mean to see if I can get around? I hadn’t thought of that.

Sweety #1: A PI could be in this very hotel.

Sweety #2: Or even hiding in this room. Like in the closet.

Sweety #1: No, we both were just in there. But an investigator could be in the room, recording our every move.

Sweety #2: I want a copy of the recording…

Sweety #1 and Sweety #2: For the podcast! (giggles.)

Sweety #2: Look under the bed.

Sweety #1: No, YOU look under the bed.

Sweety #2: Okay! Let’s BOTH look under the bed. On the count of three, we hang our heads over the side of the bed! (Giggle.)

Sweety #1 and Sweety #2: One…two…

Sweety #2: Okay stop. I’m too scared.

Sweety #1: 1,2,3!!!!



under bed

Ooopsie, poopsie!




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4 Responses to Private Detectives May Already Be…

  1. gmhowell says:

    Also works if you change ‘sweetly’ to ‘sweaty’.

    And drop the numbers.

    Liked by 8 people

  2. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    He swore he was wheel chair bound. He lied.
    He swore he needed his scooty puff (it’s red, VROOM, VROOM!). He lied.
    He swore he couldn’t drive. He lied.
    He swore he couldn’t speak. He lied.
    He swore he couldn’t leave his Ninjanun apt because his Life Alert wouldn’t work. He lied.
    He swore he couldn’t travel without assistance. He lied.

    No, no reason at all anyone would want to document his “condition” for future litigation needs…..or just to turn it over to the Social Security administration.

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  3. Mr E says:

    Sweety #1: Sweety? I’ve been thinking.

    Sweety #2: Oh, no…not again!

    Has more of the ring of truth, I think.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. JeffM says:

    OMG. He has dressed the doll up with a beard. Kinky.


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