“…mentally ill whack-job…”


A.H. Trimble is a bit more pessimistic than I am. He writes a lot about emergency preparedness, and it’s all very interesting. He takes stock of our situation here:

  • North Korea has nuclear weapons and just about ready to place a nuke on a ballistic missile that can reach the US.
  • China has all but conquered the China Sea and pushed out all the other countries. But, we still do poke our finger in their eye from time to time trying to prove we are…well, whatever we are trying to prove.
  • Russia is openly using a surrogate, Syria, to fight US troops and allies. And we are completely powerless and ineffectual in stopping them.
  • Speaking of Russia, it appears that they hacked all kinds of organizations during our 2016 elections. While Hillary lost simply because she is mentally ill whack-job and a criminal as well, it appears that Russia didn’t help her lose or Trump win.
  • We have about 1.6million investigations taking place trying to prove that Trump is some kind of Russia Manchurian Candidate. Which he is not.
  • You have all kinds of political battling going on at almost every level, but especially in Congress.
  • We have a coalescing of America’s intel and federal LEO agencies into a secret police effort to overthrow the President of the United States. That has been proven to be an absolute fact. Comey and Clapper removed all doubt when they testified over the last two weeks. There have been a long list of “leakers” proving this to be true beyond any reasonable doubt.


He left off Antifa, and the various domestic groups who feel justified in taking away the free speech rights of their neighbors.

By the way, he mentions that things would be worse if Hillary had been elected.

The last item in the list is the worst, though a nuclear Korea could cause us trouble at any moment.  The leakers who are very willing to release anything that hurts the president — even if it also hurts the United States? Pond scum. Find them. Lock them up.

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