John Hinderaker on Antifa

For now, the brownshirts are not quite up to the task of shutting off thought in America. Yet:

The antifas have adopted the age-old trick of calling themselves the opposite of what they are. In reality, they are Brownshirts, fascists. They attack lawful demonstrations, they don black masks and throw bricks through store windows, they assault political opponents when they have them outnumbered and police officers when they think they can get away with it.

The antifas think they are street fighting men, but in fact they fall considerably short. They apparently want a civil war, but I doubt that they are serious. The Democrats started one civil war, and it didn’t end well for them. The current generation of pajama boys would fare much worse.

Someone called this generation of protesters “protest re-creators.” Since they missed protesting Vietnam, or even the Bush presidency, they need protest free speech…um, because it brought us Trump!

Ha! It’s goobers like these guys, and the leftist media, and Hillary Clinton supporters who brought us Trump. 

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