The Doxxer is In!


Bill Schmalfeldt is suing several people in the 8th attempt at soothing his hurt feelings. He is also being sued by John Hoge, over a copyright agreement and other issues.

(If you don’t know who Bill Schmalfeldt is, well lucky you.  If you want to know more, I suggest you click here, here or here.  Or just google the guy’s name.)

Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that he has identified someone who said mean things about him online. He also has announced that this individual has “rolled over” on his conspirators and is providing valuable information about a supposed forged letter.

Bill has a history of trying to identify people, and getting it wrong. Several people have apparently been Paul Krendler, including some folks who were pretty surprised and confused by it all. Folks who had no idea who Bill Schmalfeldt is, found themselves pestered by this guy. Remember the college kid named “Vinnie?” His personal information was splashed on the web for no good reason.

Bill also has a habit of trying to “turn” people into informants. I wrote about him very little until Bill tried this with me.

Now that I have your name and address, I am considering adding you to the list of defendants in the incipient lawsuit.
This is not a quid pro quo, or an “extortionate threat” as your daddy might say, Lickspittle.
And this is CERTAINLY not a FAILDOX, is it?
(He put pictures and my personal financial information here. Also a picture of my house.)
And with a long, long list of defamatory comments.
(I have never defamed Bill Schmalfeldt. Truth is still a defense. So is opinion. In my opinion, he’s a clown. — Dave)
But I would be inclined to think if you in less severe terms if you were to answer a question or two for me.

In the mind of Bill Schmalfeldt, he is an investigative journalist with 30+ years experience. His doxxing — identifying — of commenters is a part of his long campaign to stop people from saying things which he figures are libelous. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word. 

His latest subject is George Howell.

I suggest George read my post with the following advice:

Drop out of this issue altogether if you need to.  There are plenty of windmills on the internet if this thing is too hot.  I almost wrote “there are plenty of white whales,” but that was too easy.   


Salt Creature from Star Trek

Or, come out from the shadows.  Change your online name to your real name, at least for this part of the internet.  Don’t fear him, and especially don’t show him fear.  Bullies live on fear, like some creatures live on salt.   

Bill Schmalfeldt cannot identify a crime which has ever been committed against him — and which stands the scrutiny of police investigation. He can’t sustain a lawsuit based upon the facts of his online life. He literally has nothing to sue about, and no leverage to “turn” a recently doxxed individual.

George Howell apparently has suggested that Bill’s new friend is inflatable. I discourage that kind of talk, but also remind everyone that it just is not true.

Bill’s the one filled with air.

Update Bill has apparently commented below, and I thought he might want to consult an attorney. Again: 

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.10.57 PM



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74 Responses to The Doxxer is In!

  1. wjjhoge says:

    A “clown,” eh? I called him a clown back in 2012, and look how things blossomed from there.

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  2. So this Schmalfeldt chap isn’t very adept at identifying people on the interwebz?


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  3. Schmeldtdown in the adult diaper aisle.

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  4. Children. I’ve met the fat fuck. I know his face. I spoke to him. And if he has a guilty conscience, I will be happy to discuss that with him.


  5. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Is there such a tense as “future impossible”. Guess you’d have to be at least a GS-0013 to know.

    Maybe that’s why he know so much, he’s one of them there double-naught editors, he’s licensed to Bill.

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  6. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Yo Dumbfuck esquire, got kind of a busy schedule today, could you just skip over the buildup and get down to the false declarations that X person “rolled over” and gave you lots of sooper secret information and now you have us all. It’d save us all a lot of needless drama and end up with the same result – nothing.

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  7. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Is that your new metric for obese, “fatter-than-me”? what units is counted in? dumbfucks? “How big is that new cow you bought Bob? She’s a good 15 dumbfucks Ned.”

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  8. Kyle Kiernan says:

    I don’t think you know anything other than the future-impossible tense. “she will either lie under oath…” I’ll win the lottery before you manage to get her or anybody else under oath. then you” try to say “I’ll get HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE under oath A-ha-hah-ha-haaa”, and we’ll all note that it is Hoge dragging you Whailured self into court and he only has to let you cross from the fair process of the court (its like the rule you are supposed to shoot birds on the wing, they’re doomed but they get one last chance). YOU getting anyone on the stand? Heat death of the universe first. Your best bet to get anyone on the stand is to bribe the Christmas clerk to let into the ourthouse one night so you can sit in that chair go “hibble-bibble” until dawn.

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  9. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Heard in court:
    “Objection your honor, this Fuck is exceedingly dumb!”
    “That would follow from his moniker, council.”

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  10. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Inflate-a-bitch spring a leak and you’re having to wheeze her up a bit?

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  11. Kyle Kiernan says:

    I’m fairly sure the Truth_Tater ain’t gonna come up with any gems for you, so you might as well get on with it.

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  12. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Looks like he’s buggered off. Typical.

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  13. Why does he want someone else to roll over.

    I thought he got it all from Doug????

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  14. Wow! The monkeys REALLY dance on the DAVE blog! I’ve met George. I’ve spoken to George. And George can either contact me or not. His choice, his price to pay.


  15. BusPassOffice says:

    The scat in the hat said to the pig in the pot
    We’re going to be rich
    We’ll win quite a lot

    But then the judge said not quite so fast
    We don’t give money child pornographers two
    We don’t give money to the likes of you

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  16. Jeanette Victoria says:

    You all remember this bit of fiction? ~heh~ I couldn’t name names if I wanted too I was completely ignorant of all the butt hurt Lawsuits going on. I had no clue who “Grady” was as I never heard the name until creepy Bill contacted me!

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    • Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

      William lies as effortlessly as he draws breath. Hopefully both will become more difficult as the beetus takes over.

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    • agiledog says:

      Jeanette, expect even worse from Bill now. He has a captive audience in that pink-haired trash that he is living with in a cheap motel room (it’s funny that they communicate via Twitter when they reside in the same room – it’s not like one is driving off somewhere at any given moment.) He will spew even more and more bravado to try and impress the “little woman” (given that he is pushing 320 lbs now, 99.99% of women are “little women” to him). His goal now is to get declared mentally incompetent, so he can’t be found guilty of his actions.

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  17. Jeanette Victoria says:

    I’m stunned that someone would volunteer to be with Creepy Bill.

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  18. I recall a more honorable Dave Alexander who checked facts before printing lies. “Cheap motel room?” “Thing for gay porn”? “Pushing 320 lbs.? Lie, Lie, Lie. Are you that desperate for friends, Dave, that you have to take part in this organized smear attempt?


    • lorddewclaw says:

      What you gonna do about it, Pecker Checker No Class Petty Officer? Threaten your impotent threats some more?

      I seem to remember you running for the hills like the mewling sand filled vag that you are the last time you crossed legal swords with a certain host of this site. You weren’t humiliated enough by the coward you showed yourself to be and want a second shot at the title?

      You might want to mosey over to TMZ and check out what the little birdies found over there before calling people “liars”


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    • Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

      You smear shit all over yourself on the daily and then blog, tweet, and podcast it to the world, DUMBF5CK. Then you start threatening DOOM and pen another retarded LOLsuit when people take note and give you the pointing, laughing, and mockery you so richly deserve. That’s the only “smear campaign” going on here. Don’t like it? Break the cycle and QUIT ACTING LIKE A GODDAMN RETARD ON THE INTERNET.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      I recall a more honorable Bill Sch–

      Nope. Can’t do it. A soulless, black-hearted swine must be called a soulless, black-hearted swine.

      And Bill Schmalfeldt isn’t even that respectable.

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    • Dianna says:

      Er, frankly? 320 is a charitable estimate, the reviews of the apparent motel you live in, and the squalor demonstrated by videos posted by someone claiming not to be you but sharing your space, yes, it’s a cheap motel; you’ve used so much gay porn we simply accept you have an interest in it; so….

      There are no lies on our parts. But on yours? Ah. Quite a different point.


      Laptop, home.

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      • Let’s see:

        “If I hadn’t paid in advance I wouldn’t have stayed there worse choice I’ve made in a hotel in a very long time. Filthy rooms and bathrooms I’ve been bitten by fleas and even saw roaches. Not to mention that the night staff is rude as hell.”

        “From the second we walked in the door it was frightening awful! The rooms smelled awful like bleach, the floors were sticky and dirty, the beds had holes in them, the door didn’t lock, the lights didn’t work, the woman at the desk was incredibly rude. Never stay there it’s disgusting. I walked right out of the room when I saw it and went down and asked for my money back as I could never have my children stay there.”

        We aren’t stalking, you left your address unredacted in the video.

        Hopefully long stay guests aren’t paying $69/night, because that would be over $2K a month (not including any taxes), which is more than my monthly mortgage, oil, electricity, water, and cable for a house with three bedrooms, no fleas, and no bedbugs. Anyone who can afford $2K a month for lodging is NOT a pauper.

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      • There is an elementary school just down the street to the East. Do they know there is a creepy guy that podcasts fantasies of cub scout porn living nearby? Somebody might want to tell them . . .

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    • Well, if it’s an expensive motel room, then you lied about your pauper status, so thanks for the admission against interest. Pushing 320? More like 350. However, you can always provide documentation that supports – wait, you can’t provide anything without forging.

      Sorry, Schmalzy – you’re not the one to talk about being honorable. You can’t sue your way into that.

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    • The authors of the comments are responsible for the comments.

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