Well Thank You for Pointing that Out, Captain Obvious

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?  And especially when it’s a snarky little plot to mousetrap someone you hate?  Well, our favorite ham-fisted Internet Oaf has come up with a doozy.

dis gon be good

As everyone except, ahh… Bill Schmalfeldt knows, he is headed for a really rough patch court battle-wise in just a bit.  Having no facts sympathetic to his position to offer in defending himself from the wrath of the court, he has patently set out to create some.

In the past, Schmalfeldt has sought repeatedly to accuse the estimable John Hoge of being legally responsible for the things others say on his estimable blog Hogewash because Hoge “moderates” comments on occasion.  Never mind that this is a completely incorrect reading of the federal law that protects people who post blogs from such claims.  Being wrong has never slowed down the Myrtle Beach Manatee.


So Bill Schmalfeldt attempts to post a comment on Hogewash.  It gets caught, of course, in the blog’s grease trap- WordPress’s “Your comment is awaiting moderation” function- and never appears online.  But Clever Bill takes a screenie of the comment from the only place it ever appeared- his computer monitor- and then, shouting

Aha Gotcha

proceeds to slobber all over his Twitter feed with posts like the following one.

Exercise control as a moderator BS tweet

I’m fairly certain that John Hoge has made it abundantly clear to Bill Schmalfeldt that he is unwelcome at Hogewash for many, many good reasons.  Did it ever occur to Schmalfeldt that Hoge just doesn’t allow people who act like assholes the privilege of commenting?  Just sayin’.

Be well, Bill.

David Edgren

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10 Responses to Well Thank You for Pointing that Out, Captain Obvious

  1. Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

    You’re obviously unaware, Barrister Edgren, of the double-secret Right to Reply requirement in the safe harbor provision of CDA § 230.

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    • D. Edgren says:


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      • Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

        It’s administered by the FISC (Fatf5ck Inanity Surveillance Court). All its decisions are classified, dontcha know? Louise Mensch told me.

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    • Rain says:

      Point of order though, that rule does not apply to any blogs run by Dumbf5ck himself.

      On his blogs he’s allowed to decide who is allowed to comment and who isn’t, of course since nobody but his socks and himself comments it’s not really an issue.

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      • agiledog says:

        Comment on his blogs? Hell, we don’t even READ his blogs. Except for the person who is signed up that week to use a computer with a VPN to archive his crap for use in future lawsuit defenses. Remember: “All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt, is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.”

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  2. JeffM says:

    But you know, I have this vague recollection that Woeful Willie has commenting privileges here on this blog. Yet, if that recollection is correct, he never seems to avail himself of the opportunity to engage in a bit of debate where others can respond.

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    • D. Edgren says:

      It has been communicated to him in the past that if he wants to come here and comment and can play by the rules he can do that. He’s always wound up overstepping the bounds. Dave would know better than I do what his current status– banned or not banned– is. This is a free speech blog, and we do not take restricting someone’s speech lightly. In the past, though, Bill Schmalfeldt has made it a pretty straightforward call.

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      • JeffM says:

        There is that point.

        People in the past have explained under what conditions Willie would be allowed to participate on their respective sites. (If I recollect, even Krendler for a while specified conditions under which he would give Willie a voice.) Willie then violated those conditions and was understandably banned, whereupon Willie has whined that he has been silenced. He has not been silenced; he screeches daily from what I am told (no first hand knowledge myself) and certainly can screech daily through multiple channels if he so chooses. What really seems to get his goat is that he is not given a voice on sites with much bigger audiences than his. It does not seem to occur to him that if you insult people or their families, contact them after being told to desist, try to get them fired, interfere in their divorce cases, or sue them, they may be indisposed to help you communicate even if you play by the rules that they apply to others.

        Personally I always regretted when his failure to meet quite reasonable conditions got him banned because observing his incompetence in arguing his position was intensely amusing..

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