Maybe a Swift Kick

I’d make fun of the attempts at victimhood by Bill Schmalfeldt, except others are doing it so much better than I can. Thinking Man’s Zombie has a great satire of the recent gofundme campaign to buy Schmalfeldt a new scooter:


Sara Palmer at BillySezhas a post about the serious scratch which Bill Schmalfeldt suffered as a result of John Hoge…I think.  It looks bad. Might need stitches.

Bill Schmalfeldt claimed he was on death’s door, confined to a wheelchair, and unable to drive to the post office. Because John Hoge would not allow himself to be harassed by Bill Schmalfeldt…Bill said Hoge was KILLING HIM!

He’s apparently better now…or at least he was doing well until the prospect of attending court ordered appearances in Maryland became a reality.  Now he needs a scooter, since he apparently didn’t take the one he already owned on his drive to South Carolina.

Please let me add my voice to those who have noted that Bill Schmalfeldt in my humble opinion does not need a mobility scooter, though he does need something…but you can’t buy that kind of thing with money.


While I suggested he needed a swift kick, I intend no harm toward Bill Schmalfeldt.

Being Schmalfeldt is its own punishment. 





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2 Responses to Maybe a Swift Kick

  1. popcornseller says:

    The only thing that’s dying is LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact, and any hope of dismissing Mr. Hoge’s suit against him.

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  2. Simo Häyhä says:

    Whoa… What are you doing, Dave? You’ve got to keep your head down and let David do the heavy lifting.

    Don’t Grady yourself into the lawsuit. /sarcasm

    “Pay no attention to that midget under the muumuu, look at me, watch me,” Bill thinks as he lines up a replacement for the previously abandoned, now important prop.

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