Chip Pettit is an Asshat

Who is Chip Pettit, you ask?

He’s the principal at Crown Point High School in Crown Point, Indiana.

Why is Chip Pettit an asshat, you ask?

Take a look.

Crown Point grad Jacob Dalton Stanley, whose name was listed in the graduation program, was turned away when he went to the graduation ceremony Tuesday night at the Star Plaza Theatre in his Marine dress blues. Nor did school officials read his name among the graduates.

Stanley, who graduated in December and joined the U.S. Marines, completed boot camp Friday and flew home for his high school graduation. He practiced with his classmates during the day and was reportedly told by high school Principal Chip Pettit that he would not be able to wear his uniform during commencement.

That’s why Crown Point High School Principal Chip Pettit is an asshat.  Of the first magnitude.  Thank you for asking.

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6 Responses to Chip Pettit is an Asshat

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    My experience is as much as half of school administrators are petty authoritarians that we’re relatively lucky as a society that they have neither the talent nor desire to seek high office.

    Though, we’re less lucky they get about 4 – 6 years to form some sort of grudge against our kids.

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  2. On the flip side, the school does honor graduates who are enlisted, and did so for (at least) one other graduate, that night. They had also made it clear that all graduates were required to wear the regulation cap and gown, with military enlistment honored by accoutrements, and recognition when their name is called.

    The rules were published in advance.

    I’m not sure Pettit achieves the rank of asshat on this one.


    • Oh, he definitely does. There may be a school or two somewhere that doesn’t allow students on delayed enlistments to wear cords and such, but I doubt it. That’s the suitable thing for a kid that hasn’t actually shipped out. They don’t even have the uniform yet to wear. This Marine already graduated boot camp and came home on leave. He earned those Blues, and he earned the right to wear them for the occasion. Like the other school admin said in the article: it’s an honor to the school to have such a student.

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    • D. Edgren says:

      Roy, the article is a bit jumbled. The graduating senior who was allowed to wear the uniform, a young lady, was attending a different high school, but apparently in the same district. Private Stanley was not only not allowed to wear his uniform, but his name was not even read among his fellow graduates. Petty horseshit, sounds like to me. I’ll stand by my call that Chip Pettit is an asshat. It’s not like he was trying to stop someone from wearing red spandex tights and a wifebeater T-shirt.

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