Farmer Kicked Out of Farmer’s Market

Because of his refusal to host a same sex wedding at his orchard. Apparently, the left will use what tools it can to enforce the agenda.

Tennes says he was barred from selling his produce after his business, Country Mill Farms, refused to host a lesbian couple’s wedding at its orchard in Charlotte, 22 miles outside East Lansing. Explaining his position on Facebook, Tennes cited his “Catholic belief that marriage is a sacramental union between one man and one woman.”

In a statement, the city of East Lansing said the farmer’s decision not to host a same-sex wedding violated a “long-standing ordinance that protects sexual orientation as well as the Supreme Court’s ruling that grants the right for same-sex couples to be married.”

In point of fact, the city introduced a modification to the city’s farmers market vendor agreement just this year requiring sellers to comply with East Lansing’s Human Relations Ordinance. Among other things, the ordinance prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.



Conservative Christian beliefs about the end times (based upon the book of Revelation) include a notion that the faithful will be unable to buy or sell, unless they accept a ‘mark of the beast.’ That Christians will only be able to financially participate in society if they’ve bowed down to ideas they do not support. (Or to Satan!)

I don’t take the idea that far, but the left sure does move quickly.

A few years ago a person could say that marriage was for one man and one woman, and be elected president. (Clinton and Obama both stated this clearly.)

Now, if you act on that notion — and stand up for your beliefs…you will be punished. 


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