What Terrorists Rely Upon

There’s a ray of hope in this Guardian article on the recent attack in London:

The owner of a restaurant in Borough Market has told how he and his staff helped take 130 customers to safety in the midst of last night’s attack.

Mark Stembridge, owner of Cafe Brood, said he saw three men brandishing weapons coming at pace towards his building. He immediately told his staff, some of whom were ex-military, to pull customers from the open balcony and take them inside.

He told HuffpostUK: “I can’t tell you what they were screaming but they seemed to hesitate when they saw we were slightly organised.

“Then they veered off underneath the bridge towards another establishment called Borough Bistro.”

All it took for the attackers to move on was that people started to organize. 

You can’t really do much if a van is heading your way, but a person with a knife? A crowd can defend themselves. It takes guts and it will be bloody.  But a group of strangers became slightly organized, and the beasts looked elsewhere. 

The splits between left and right, conservative and liberal, white and black, police and citizens…these are playing into the hands of our enemies.

Together, the civilized people of the world can defeat the barbarians. 

Also from the Guardian:

A British Transport Police officer was stabbed in the face as he tackled the assailants armed only with his baton. He suffered serious injuries, but is in a stable condition in hospital. An off-duty Metropolitan police officer was among others injured in the attack. Two more police officers were described as “walking wounded.”

I would describe them as heroes. 

Counter-terrorism officers near the scene


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