I Won’t Be Shocked If…

If there was one day a Lolsuit VIII, filed by Bill Schmalfeldt.

If Bill Schmalfeldt moves to another state for reasons unrelated to John Hoge. 

If judges begin to act on their own to limit Schmalfeldt’s access to their courts, or sharp objects, or both.

That the most recent documentation sent to the federal court authored by Bill Schmalfeldt is insufficient.

If Krendler turns out to be someone totally unknown to Bill.

If Sara Palmer turns out to have a great time at her costume festival, rather than testifying in Hoge v. Kimberlin, et, al.  

If John Hoge wins a judgement against Bill Schmalfeldt which Bill cannot pay. 

If Team Kimberlin wishes they had just left Mr. Hoge alone.

I won’t be shocked if Bill Schmalfeldt never learns.


I won’t be shocked if the federal court kills this lawsuit because it is a mess of nonsense. Bill Schmalfeldt has sued 8 times in court, on much the same basis: butthurt. 

I won’t be shocked if butthurt turns out NOT to be a tort.



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One Response to I Won’t Be Shocked If…

  1. D. Edgren says:

    The truth can be pretty brutal, Dave. Nice list.

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