The Thing About Forms

In the Hoge v. Kimerlin et al. case, the Kimberlins filed a notice to the court with this charming section:


Apparently there was a form which needed to be submitted, and they couldn’t even be bothered to gather up the addresses and phone numbers of their potential witnesses.

As for evidence, the Kimberlin’s have a similar casual response:

lots of stuff

Scores of documents. Bushel baskets of stuff. 

For his part, John Hoge’s documents seem to be listed neatly on his response to the court. I imagine his documents will be starched and pressed.  Separated by topics, defendants and counts. 

Mr. Schmalfeldt — whose recent court filing looks remarkably similar to the Kimberlin’s document quoted above — Mr. Schmalfeldt is equally casual about caring to provide the court the simplest of specific information.

Keep up the work, Team Kimberlin. Good job. You look ready. 


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