A Window into the Character of a Comedian

Kathy Griffin deserved to be fired for this photo. She’s been let go from her once a year CNN gig, but this will probably boost the rest of her so-called career. If you’ve ever paid money to have Kathy Griffin try to make you laugh, you were overcharged at any price.

Lately, internet comedian Bill Schmalfeldt has been replaying his most well-known comedy sketches on his podcast.

I’ve reviewed Bill Schmalfeldt comedy before, and have concluded that these recordings are being replayed not to fill time on a podcast, but because Bill Schmalfeldt believes this is creatively funny:

BILL 1.png

Another sample, from an entirely different recording:


And this:


Yeah. That last one included fictional dialogue between a nine and 11 year old. In Schmalfeldt’s defense, his comedy is based upon the idea that these are the feavered ravings of right wingers. In other words, while Schmalfeldt typed the words, these are the thoughts of conservatives — or so Bill figures. Other Schmalfeldt comedy classics feature a white upscale family discovering that the new neighbors are black, but not before Schmalfeldt’s racist character calls the man of the house “boy.” Such hi-jinks.

Why bother? Because nobody will make you listen to these. If you don’t like his podcast then don’t listen.

Bill Schmalfeldt is currently suing a handful of people over their online treatment of him. It will come down to the law, which is not on his side.

But Bill Schmalfeldt wants it to be about the character of the really mean, vicious people who are terrible. He figures this is about character.courtroom-artist

 You can tell the character of someone simply by figuring out what they think is funny. Whether that means holding the simulated bloodied head of the president, or imagining cub scouts engaged in anal sex…comedy is the window into the comedian’s character.


The links go to court documents filed by Schmalfeldt in a lawsuit over the stated opinion of one individual that the recordings were, child pornography. My opinion is that they are not, as the recordings are unlikely to cause anything within the listener except revulsion. 


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9 Responses to A Window into the Character of a Comedian

  1. Kmbuchanan says:

    Imagine if you will, Dennis Miller holding out the head of Barak Obama… I’m not an Obama fan(or Trump.. Ok I hate all politicians!) but I find that in no way funny.

    As to the other “stuff” in your post…. I just can’t even…

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  2. popcornseller says:

    And he submitted the written text for these comedy sketches as exhibits for his own defense.

    “…comedy is exhibits are the window into the comedian’s litigant’s character.”


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    • Dr_Mike says:

      Even better, way back in probably LOLsuit II or so, he had a filing where he didn’t submit the transcripts, but he did discuss them philosophically. His loving descriptions of the skits and why they weren’t porn was creepier than the actual text!

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  3. I was going to suggest Griffin was kind of funny on Newsradio but then I recalled that was a different skinny redhead. I don’t recall her ever being funny, or interesting enough to garner sufficient attention to know for sure whether she was ever funny.

    I was tempted, for this comment, to photoshop Carrot-Top’s head onto her body, and ask if anyone could tell what was wrong with the picture. I’m too lazy to actually do it, but I find the idea funny.

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  4. lorddewclaw says:

    The Schmelly South Carolina Sch*troller approaches criticisms of his “comedy” the same way as all lefty tools….

    It’s somehow everyone else’s fault for not understanding his Sooper Genius. Check out his response to his fellow lefty travellers on DailyKos when confronted with the anal rape fantasy he posted there.

    Griffin initially took that tack on Twitter (since deleted…. just like a certain Fail Whale) before the blowback got so great she was forced into her apology.

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  5. Paul Krendler says:

    See, my first thought on seeing the original image was to copy it with Kathy Griffin’s head.

    (I mean, a REPLICA of her head. Yeah.)

    But then I realized no one would care if I did that.

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