Bill Schmalfeldt is a Jackass

Of the highest order.  On his Twitter feed yesterday he went after John Hoge for daring to once again remind people that his pal Brett Kimberlin wantonly destroyed and ultimately caused the end of the life of Carl DeLong, a decorated Viet Nam veteran and, by all accounts, an all-around solid citizen and family man.

Carl DeLong

“De Long (sic) opted out.  His choice.”  Only a person with a sick, twisted, depraved mind could possibly say that.  Schmalfeldt is not man enough to acknowledge that DeLong’s death can be, and has been in a court of law walked back to the moment when DeLong innocently picked up a gym bag in a parking lot one night in Speedway, Indiana and, in doing so, fell victim to explosives placed in the bag by Brett Kimberlin.  Kimberlin is a terrorist.

Schmalfeldt is a scumbag.

Oh, and Bill, in case you get any ideas…

Billy Sez Calling names is not an 614x900

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8 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt is a Jackass

  1. crawford421 says:

    Carl De Long was maimed by a bomb Kimberlin intended for children.

    Which of the two is Schmalfeldt defending?

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  2. From the way he’s been going on, I can only assume he’s trying to claim that the bomb was not the proximate cause of Maj. Delong’s death, inspite of the fact that several courts, based I’m sure on medical testimony, ruled that it was, and his “most excellent friend” still owes the widow well north of a million dollars.

    Not once in all the years I’ve been peripherally involved with this mess have I seen BS indicate any concern over the intended victims of the bomb, just concern that his friend suffer no negative blowback because of setting the bombs, dealing drugs, forging stuff, perjuring himself, inappropriate relationships with underage girls, possibly hiring a hitman, etc., etc., etc.

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  3. Ashterah says:

    I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that Bill, an allegedly disabled person, is taking part in possibly the worst instance of unironic ableism that I have seen in a while, or that he is attempting to say that people should never, ever mention that his Most Excellent Friend placed a bomb at an event where only luck had an adult male pick it up instead of CHILDREN attending a high school football game.

    I truly can’t decide which is worse. They are both utterly disgusting and awful.

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    • Simo Häyhä says:

      That’s why people ostracize Bill no matter where he runs. God, how do you single-handedly destroy your own reputation? Wonder if his cousin Roy knows if the lack of empathy is caused by nature or nurture.

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  4. Bill might have been concerned if the children were boys scouts. Or inflatable.

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