Redefine the Parameters of Debate


Sam White:

If we’re going to make a stand, then first we must redefine the parameters of debate. The conversation around Islam has been shaped entirely by the left, and the borders they’ve drawn are so narrow as to make effective discourse impossible. So let’s reject their pointless regulations. They can no longer be permitted to police the debate.

There were voices from the left in the aftermath of the Manchester attack who were more outraged by things being said on Twitter than by the massacre of children in a British city centre. These people are deeply confused, so let’s clear things up for them: getting angry because a brainwashed psychopath has committed mass murder is normal. Talking about the ideology that drove him is normal. Searching for solutions is normal. To have been galvanised, frustrated, and furious all at the same time was normal.

Pray? Yes. Surrender? No.


The rest of Sam’s essay is just as good. See it all here.

But the terror situation is getting worse, the attacks more frequent, and the methods more barbaric and stomach churning. After a pop concert for teenagers, what might be the next target? Do you think it likely that someone in the UK is planning an attack on a primary school, right now? How far along in their preparations might they be? Is whoever made the nail bomb in Manchester gathering materials for his next hideous device now, and how many children could it kill and maim?


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1 Response to Redefine the Parameters of Debate

  1. crawford421 says:

    “Do you think it likely that someone in the UK is planning an attack on a primary school, right now?”

    Beslan — the next one will have to “top” that.

    Have you read Forstchen’s “Day of Rage”? First book in years that had me literally shaking with anger.

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