My Signature Usually Looks Like…

My signature.


Above is a signature from a court document filed in the Walker v Kimberlin and Kimberlin suit.  I wrote about it in January of 2016. At the time, there was debate about why the signature of Mrs. Kimberlin differed from document to document. I found a signature which I believe was written by Mrs Kimberlin:


This signature box appeared on Hogewash!, and was filed more recently in the Hoge v Kimberlin et al.

TETY Signature

I’m very sure that there’s a simple explanation. 


7 thoughts on “My Signature Usually Looks Like…

    1. AJ Fornicarius Hoc

      In my recollection, all the girls I went to middle school with had lovely penmanship. Maybe just by contrast to my own barely legible efforts.

      That…looks like something a psychopath might imagine a woman’s signature looks like.

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      1. onwyrdsdream

        That has to be real. It’s 2017. There are SO MANY ways to fake a signature, that no one would ever bother doing it by hand.

        Liked by 1 person

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