Found in the Rubble of the Former Supreme Court Building, 2025

My time traveling colleague Kyle delivered a dossier from our future. The document here is undated, but seems to have been written sometime in the near future, or perhaps this year. 


From: Overlord

To: Top Levels

Re: The Necessary Elimination of so-called Free Speech in America


No one will willingly offer up their own right to free expression. But take someone aside and suggest that “we need to figure out how to stop these other guys…” and the job is much easier.


Supreme Court, Old Washington, D.C., 2025

These hateful people saying hateful things. They must be stopped, by any means. Fighting in the streets, campus free speech zones/codes and limits to social media.

Whatever can silence these haters.

Anytime you can convince a vegan who drives a Prius to punch a so-called Nazi, you’ve converted someone to the cause. Globalism is destroying the planet, so let’s trash a Starbucks. The Free Speech rally in Berkeley is tied to the Trumpers, who are aligned with big money to destroy the rights of LGBTQ individuals, and corrupt the political process with fake news and hate speech. So bring masks and mace to the anti-protest.

Incorporate that idea into a simple phrase, like “Stop Hate,” or F— Haters.”


The total control of free expression cannot be accomplished in a single year, or a single decade. Begin by telling all that some words are banned. “You can’t say that…” is step one. Stop people from offending others. Later you can ban just the ideas, because as you know, some writers will be more nuanced than others.

Some will refuse to use the banned words, but will promote the bad ideas. They, too need to be stopped. Demonize, use your broad brushes, and push the narrative that the bad ideas are just a cover for racism, sexism, or any ‘isms’ which are out of favor.

Image result for stop hate

Rewrite history to reflect half-truths. Bull Connor and Abe Lincoln had no political affiliation, and MLK was not Republican. The winners and the wiser historical characters are always those from our side.

Frame all historical discussions to match current approved mores. Let the concept of forefathers expire through disuse, or be silenced out of charges of sexism. Historical examples of individualism, gun culture or self-reliance are to be written out of history. There must be strict adherence to these new historical interpretations, and swift punishment for those who veer from the approved thoughts.

Step by step, the Lower Levels will accept the new limitations on other people’s speech, and resulting penalties. Over time, even those who once advocated reduced “free speech” only for others will accept if for themselves. After a year or more of voicing “You can’t say that…” all but the most self-aware will internalize the notion that “I can’t say that…”

As the process continues, there will be hardly any need to remind the Lowers of their responsibility. Observe Europe as a template. The strategy has been very effective.



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One Response to Found in the Rubble of the Former Supreme Court Building, 2025

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    “No one will willingly offer up their own right to free expression.”

    It is pretty amazing what you can get people to give up as long as you convince them that it is something else.


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