Who is in Charge of Facebook Content? Austria?

Breitbart News:

Facebook is appealing an order to impose Austria’s social media laws against hate speech on the platform worldwide.

“The court case involves comments posted to Facebook about the leader of Austria’s Green Party, which the party claims are illegal under the country’s hate speech laws,” reported Fortune. “An appeals court in Vienna agreed and ordered Facebook to take them down not just in Austria but everywhere else as well.”


According to Reuters, the court also said that “merely blocking them in Austria without deleting them for users abroad was not sufficient.”

The order would mean that citizens of other countries where “hate speech” laws are non-existent could have their free speech restricted under Austrian law to stop negative posts being made and shared.

“Should Facebook comply globally with Russia’s anti-gay laws, or Thailand’s laws against insulting the king, or Saudi Arabia’s blasphemy laws?” asked Daphne Keller, a lawyer at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford University.

Should they? No. No company should be forced to edit content for all audiences just because someone is offended. Or a certain nation deems it ‘hateful,’ or even illegal.

We are moving in this direction, and it’s going to be bad. Western liberals have decided to censor ideas and opinion based upon the perception of the reader. If your writings offend someone, then poof, they are offensive. And therefore ‘hate speech.’ 

As I’ve said before, I hate hate. I’m not a spokesman for offensive writers. On the other hand, if my words offend you, I have only offended you. I have not really caused you to be hurt. 

And you have no right to impose your censorship rules in my country.

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