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Whether under Islamist tyranny or the Leftist tyranny of the Latin American or Chinese varieties, democracy is gravely threatened in major areas of the world right now. By and large, the Western media intelligentsia has nothing to say about it. The march of authoritarianism does not seem to rise to the level of importance of the latest Trump Twitter outrage, or his comment about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War, or the manner in which a White House advisor sits on a couch in the Oval Office, to take just a few examples. – Benjamin Weingarten, City Journal 

While the political operatives with by-lines focus on stupid, the world is going to hell. The things they dislike about Trump…or the vision they hold of Trump…is magnified in seats of power across the world.

As if the worst thing Putin ever did was read Hillary’s emails. 

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One Response to Quote of the Day

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Democracy isn’t itself important, it was mainly chosen to keep political power in the hands of those who have skin in the game of protecting liberty. If you could trust a king to absolutely trust liberty democracy is in no way inherently better. Because protecting liberty was the goal, we have a constitution, and also is why we’re incorporated as a Republic. Layers of protection of the essential rights that were denied in the time of the founding fathers by England.

    The main point of it all is to protect liberty, but whenever I hear a democrat with a byline talking about democracy, it always sounds like they’re waiting for 50% + 1 to vote for the particular kind of serfdom that they feel comfortable with. You hear it as the undertone to everything else they say- about jailing people who deny global warming, about how hate speech isn’t free speech, about how you should be able to force nuns, usually post-menopausal virgins with few worldly possessions, to pay for birth control which goes against church doctrine. About how things which can’t be rights: things that other people have to pay for, ARE rights. How things which are rights: self defense, speech- aren’t.

    I like democracy because it does keep political power in the hands of people with skin in the game to protect liberty. But if it wasn’t constitutionally limited, the line, “a Republic, if you can keep it.” would have been prophetic within a 100 years. And well. The weight of “democracy” vs “liberty” gets greater and greater thanks to our “press” (which is using machines to achieve highly replicated speech and not a job, despite how they think of it), I fear that sooner or later the 3 wolfs are going to have that vote with the sheep about dinner. And the living constitution, with not even one more amendment, will, after hundreds of years of saying that it isn’t allowed, will suddenly be interpreted to read, “That’s just fine.”

    Or TLDR version of the above can be summed up with animal farm’s commentary on socialist/communist government: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” That is also true of democracy when you can vote for anything. Sooner or later you realize the terrible things you can vote for, so long as there is a majority.


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