‘Mindfulness’ in Schools: A Waste of Time

My school doesn’t do anything with ‘mindfulness.’  The researchers examining the teaching of mindfulness in public schools have concluded that there’s no support that it helps kids learn, or be productive.


Trendy “mindfulness” classes springing up in schools across the country have no proven benefits, according to a new study.

The report suggests that the practice, a popular lifestyle activity among some adults, could even be harming the development of some children.

Mindfulness – a set of teachings derived from Buddhism and focused on meditation – has become popular in education circles in recent years.

You know what’s NOT popular in education? Checking to see if a method has any benefits before wasting precious resources:

It concluded that, though there was a “small” amount of evidence that it improved children’s mental health, there was nothing to suggest this had any knock-on effects on academic performance – i.e. the main point of going to school.

In some cases, it said, the mindfulness process could even damage the mental health of children involved – something which nobody has yet sufficiently researched.

At the same time, the classes are chewing up huge amounts of school time – not to mention money – which could otherwise be devoted to actual studying.

Teachers have around 180 days each school year to make a difference. Subtract field trip days, Field Day, the weeks after the annual testing, assembly days and any fire and tornado drills…and we don’t have time for stupid stuff.

Too much teaching research and teacher preparation revolves around pseudoscience, including Learning Styles and alternative Common Core related math. 




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