Heckler’s Veto

Daily Caller:

CNN host W. Kamau Bell declared on Thursday the cancellation of college speakers like Ann Coulter is a matter of protecting students from so-called hate speech, and has nothing to do with free speech.

In an appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” host Wolf Blitzer asked Bell, who hosts the series “United Shades of America,” what were his thoughts about college free speech issues and the uproar at UC-Berkeley over conservative speakers showing up on campus.W. Kamau Bell (CNN screencap)

Actually she was invited.

“That’s not about free speech,” the CNN host said. “The reason why people’s speeches are being canceled is because it’s a safety issue. If your free speech leads to hate speech, and it makes people feel unsafe, then universities have the right to protect the kids on campus.”

Heckler’s Veto:

In the free speech context, a heckler’s veto comprises either of two situations in which a person who disagrees with a speaker’s message is able to unilaterally trigger events that result in the speaker being silenced.

In the strict legal sense, a heckler’s veto occurs when the speaker’s right is curtailed or restricted by the government in order to prevent a reacting party’s behavior. The common example is the termination of a speech or demonstration in the interest of maintaining the public peace based on the anticipated negative reaction of someone opposed to that speech or demonstration. The term was coined by University of Chicago professor of law Harry Kalven.[1]

In common parlance, the term is used to describe situations where hecklers or demonstrators silence a speaker without intervention of the law.

Urban Dictionary:

Educated Idiot:

An Educated Idiot is a person that went to college, but is dumber than a rock. The Educated Idiot feels like he/she is smart, but they screw up everything they get involved in. 

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6 Responses to Heckler’s Veto

  1. crawford421 says:

    Back in my college days, we actually stood up for free speech. Left, right, libertarian, all united against a proposed policy that would have made “misleading” comments online into some sort of punishable offense — a policy pushed by a “campus life” bureaucrat over a precious snowflake being butt-hurt because he didn’t realize it was April 1st.

    Heck, we even had G. Gordon Liddy and Timothy Leery talk on campus without any controversy,

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  2. Some folks saw liberals and conservatives together…civilized and everything.


  3. onwyrdsdream says:

    “The reason why people’s speeches are being canceled is because it’s a safety issue. If your free speech leads to hate speech, and it makes people feel unsafe, then universities have the right to protect the kids on campus.”

    The guy in a mask with a tire iron makes people feel unsafe. A smarmy blond woman who says things the guy in the mask doesn’t like? She only makes people feel uncomfortable. Specifically. She makes that guy uncomfortable. Between the two, I know which side I’m on. It isn’t Mr. Tire Iron.

    People at college are NOT kids. If there is any single thing that that guy said that irritates me, it is that. At 20 my parents were working and raising me, one of my uncles was serving in Korea, another was running the farm. Some of them went to college, others to work. Some started families, others held off. At 20 I had my first job as a professional, and was living on my own. Having reached the point in their lives where they are allowed and often required to make decisions for themselves, calling them kids is only a self justification for why they need to be protected. They don’t need your protection, and certainly they don’t need it from the words of a speaker. If they needed protection from words, the left’s insistence on hiring various terrorists to professorships is pretty amazing.

    In any case, they’re old enough to smoke, go to war, get married. They can buy porn. About the only thing we prevent them from doing that any other adult could do is buying booze. I’m pretty sure they’ll survive uncomfortable words. In particular, words that they are NOT REQUIRED TO LISTEN TO, unlike with some of those left-wing professors with a complicated background.. Like say, Bill Ayres. It might be different if it was something like mandatory attendance. But that isn’t the case. Anyone who shows up will be their voluntarily. And certainly, even the people who come to listen, won’t be hearing anything they wouldn’t be able to hear with very little effort, even in the most “safe” of “safe spaces” on the campus. I’m going to say a horrible word that must inspire the above man to great terror, because it can insidiously sneak that dangerous so called hate speech past all the marchers, the vigilant professors, and the various other forces arrayed against it. That words is books. Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find someone on campus who can’t read. The horror!

    And as far as keeping the words off campus, most campuses have pretty substantial internet available to students. That means, no only can they read the words, they can in all likelihood see these people speaking via the miracle of youtube. There are also podcasts, streaming audio, Skype, and of course this thing that not many people have heard about because of the newness of the technology. A little thing called television. Or telephones, or radio. I’ve heard there is this thing called talk radio that is all the rage with the young folks. Most also have access to things like smart phones. Certainly, with libraries, amazon, and various nearby bookstores, they aren’t stopping the words from reaching the people at all. Never mind the talk of reasonable people like are actually being invited to campuses, they can read anything from Mein Kampf, the complete works of Marx, and the holy books of all religions, the writings of founding fathers, of terrorists, or Saints… more or less any written word from pedophiles, murderers, cannibals, every kind of good and evil, and on top of that descriptions of any number of fictional worlds where every imagining of humankind, good or bad, have been brought to life.

    That said, these events aren’t being canceled because the words make people feel unsafe, it’s but rather a bunch of angry guys who hit people and set stuff on fire that make people feel unsafe. Often angry /white/ guys. Being angry for leftist causes is apparently the only acceptable reason for while males to be angry. And hey. In any reasonable civilization, those guys with the torches would be the ones being punished and suppressed, not allowed to spread pain, misery, and property damage as they will. The spreading misery? Not the people there to hear these speakers. It’s the group there to make sure the speaker aren’t heard. Between the people who are trying to tell their side with words who are willing to debate the issues they believe in, and the side that uses crude force to suppress those words, how is it that there is any question as to which side is in the right? And they’re getting their way rather than suffer the consequences for their threats, vandalism, larceny, and violence. That they’re being left unchecked is a bigger crime than their actions. Rather, a guy smashes a car window with a hammer is left alone, a guy takes a video of an abortion clinic breaking the law and he’s the one they’d arrest. It has to stop. And yet I can’t believe any aspect of that place that has fallen off the left side of civilization will ever act to protect it’s own residents from the true fascist mobs. Not the ones going to listen, but the ones out to rob people of their right to listen.

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  4. Pablo says:

    This particular idiot ain’t all that educated.


  5. Grace says:

    “If your free speech leads to hate speech, and it makes people FEEL unsafe, then universities have the right to protect the kids on campus.”

    It’s always about the fee-fees with these “educated” tools on the left. 🙄


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