Wrong On So Many Other Things…

But so right…or at least correct on this:


Our freedom of speech is not negotiable, and is not subject to the veto of a masked mob.

America was liberated from the British Empire in part because of the words of patriots. The abolitionist movement, the civil rights campaigns of the ’50’s and ’60’s. the women’s lib movement…all could have been crushed with a few armed and motivated thugs.

The words of Martin Luther King, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and all the other heroes you can name…could have been labeled hateful by someone somewhere. Labeled then silenced.

But we didn’t let that happen. 

The arc of American history is still toward liberty.  These Berkeley thugs are just a blip, like their fellow anarchists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

When even the old hippies start to agree with me, I beginto be optimistic. As the philosopher John McClain once said, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

Wall Street, Sept 16, 1920.

Berkeley, Feb. 1, 2017.

Berkeley, April 14, 2017.

The anarchists will lose, as they always do, because Americans would rather have freedom. — Radio host, presidential historian and human rights advocate Dave Alexander



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5 Responses to Wrong On So Many Other Things…

  1. Pablo says:

    They’ve already started arresting them. I don’t know where the word came down from, but it seems it either UC Berkeley and the Mayor have had a genuine change of heart or someone Bigfooted them.

    This is really all that needs to happen. It’s the lack of consequences that encourages these punks. Put some skin in the game, and suddenly, they don’t want to play anymore.

    Meanwhile in DC, prosecutors are not playing with 200+ Inauguration Day rioters. Prosecutors file additional charges against inauguration protesters

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  2. Grace says:

    Exactly, Pablo. The lack of consequences does nothing but assist in fueling their shenanigans.

    “While most of the protesters were initially charged with one count of felony rioting, a grand jury on Thursday returned a superseding indictment that added new charges: inciting or urging to riot, conspiracy to riot and counts of destruction of property.

    On Friday in D.C. Superior Court, prosecutors also obtained their first felony conviction in the Jan. 20 riots. Dane Powell, 31, of Tampa, pleaded guilty to rioting and assault on a police officer, admitting he threw a large piece of concrete at the officer. Powell is set to be sentenced in July and faces up to three years in prison for each charge. His attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.”


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  3. Grace says:

    Did y’all see this? *smh*

    Can’t say I’m surprised… just sickened. 😡


  4. onwyrdsdream says:

    The hate filled mobs aren’t going to be exposing the weakness of anyone’s arguments, because they don’t possess an argument. They aren’t even given an argument when they’re initially convinced by others. All they get is an empty appeal to emotions. Because of this, even against the relative howling dogs of the right they can’t raise a reasonable counterargument, they can only raise their fists. Fortunately, on average they’ve invested even less energy in fitness than they did in debate.


    • Grace says:

      “Fortunately, on average they’ve invested even less energy in fitness than they did in debate.”

      Yep. Just a goon-y gaggle of lonely, lazy losers – unloved by Mommy and Daddy – and raised on cheetos and videos games having convinced themselves they are now in a real-world video game slaying evil, right-wing dragons and saving the world from the patriarchal globalists.



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