They Don’t Know Anything Outside the Bubble

Politico points out that reporters and editors live in places where Hillary Clinton and other Democrats are winners:


It’s more than just location. When you’re a fish, you can barely imagine living in water, much less living in a desert.

The issue isn’t just with journalists, and it is not just a geography thing.

How many journalists, academics and elitist class individuals have worked – really worked hard – for ten to fifteen hours a day because they needed to? How many ever have been really broke? 

How many have had real experience with real poverty, or actual economic despair. Like, the mill closed down and not only are you out of work, but your neighbors are, too? Or all the skills you have are for jobs which don’t pay?

Too few.

Too few know the kind of character building living that takes place away from their enclaves. 

Have they ever been in a situation where they needed to hold their tongues because they really need their jobs? Or worked a job that was terrible, so that the bills mostly would get paid?

Have they ever worked 12 hour days hammering nails only to lose the job to someone who will work for a dollar less?

Really, how many pundits, adjunct professors, journalists and reporters ever lose their jobs to immigrants?

Many of us outside the bubble have clothed our kids in thrift store bargains, and bought from the Reduced for Quick Sale section of the meat department.

True story. I once bought nice sweaters and leggings for my daughters for school picture day, then returned the clothing to the store the next day. Those pictures hang in my bedroom, and they are a constant reminder.

My pastor once brought groceries, and a hundred dollars just before Christmas.

Have the so-called elites ever prayed, really honestly prayed to God that somehow things were different?

For those of us outside the bubble, the issues of freedom, poverty, American economic success and human rights are being played out in real time in our communities. 

Those folks in flyover country, and who live just a few miles from the elites, know very well the lies being told on TV, and in their newspapers. We’ve been called bitter clingers and fascists. To our faces, by those who should know better.

No wonder the country is split.


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4 Responses to They Don’t Know Anything Outside the Bubble

  1. Grace says:

    Fantastic blog post, my friend! #Truth 👊🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Guessing that represents the general industry downturn and the closing of the local and smaller businesses leaving behind the ones centrally located in big, blue cities. And thus some of their jobs did disappear.. but for reporters that only drives their leftism. They don’t build. Don’t defend. Their job which they claim is the only one enshrined in the Constitution not only isn’t, but is ultimately only a cheap form of entertainment. They may live comfortably but their industry basically exists on a whim. When you don’t actually possess any meaningful or useful skills, the idea of a safety net that would allow you to keep your lifestyle even if you become unemployable is attractive. Insane. But attractive.


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