German Government to Choose Which Stories are Not Fake

Yeah, that’s not really going to work:

German officials are following through on their promise to do something about fake news and “hate speech” on the Internet. A proposed law that Angela Merkel supports would impose fines as high as $53 million on social-media networks that do not satisfactorily police what their users post. Wednesday, Merkel’s cabinet approved the “draft bill” likely to become law. Germany already has speech restrictions, but this bill would go a step further by making companies such as Twitter and Facebook responsible to remove offending content within 24 hours.

I’m not German, and couldn’t imagine living where there are such restrictions. I could stay put in the U,S., and see what it’s like in a few years. 

To review: A free press, and free speech means some things printed or broadcast will be wrong. Some will be deliberately wrong.  Some will be maliciously wrong. The civil courts can handle this, and individual citizens in charge of what they believe is the only solution.

Put the government in charge of the truth, and soon there will be none.

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2 Responses to German Government to Choose Which Stories are Not Fake

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Though actually, I can speak a little German. If I as an American tweeted something in German that they deemed to be fake news (regardless of if it was or not, which is the problem with “fake news”, fake is occasionally a synonym for inconvenient) would they demand twitter – which is incorporated in the United States- to remove my tweet, despite that it wasn’t made in Germany, nor by a German, nor in particular directed at Germany, by someone with a constitutional right to freedom of speech? Under what standard of law would that even work?


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