Professor calls her student’s employer to get him fired for disagreeing with her

Anti-Intellectual Rage strikes again.


Rioters smash windows at a T-Mobile store during a protest against campus speaker Rioters smash windows at a T-Mobile store during a protest against campus speaker

I know we just blogged about a stupid professor who charged a student who disagreed with her in class with “harassment”, but this is a completely different case.

Here is the story from Campus Reform.


A Texas State University history professor called the employers of at least two conservatives, one a current student, in retribution over a political disagreement on Facebook.

Elizabeth Bishop, who is allegedly rumored to become the next dean of the College of Liberal Arts, made phone calls to employers and a university department in an attempt to punish the two conservatives for daring to disagree with her in a Facebook discussion.

The Facebook status in question was initially posted by Colton Duncan, the student body vice president, but was apparently later removed by Facebook for “violating community standards.”

Duncan decried Texas…

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8 Responses to Professor calls her student’s employer to get him fired for disagreeing with her

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Every argument I’ve ever had with someone over the relative merits of capitalism and communism left me with the impression that the capitalist side was full of realists and pragmatists, whereas the communism side was mainly made up of either idealists or something akin to “powerless dictators.”

    Individualists care way more about everyone else than collectivists IMHO. An individualist wants to do what they want and will trade leaving you to do what you want. Collectivists generally want you to do what they want, because (obviously) their own opinions are best. Particularly when it comes to how the resources other people have created should be used. Rather, how their labor should be used, denying certain actions at all, and punishing others for going against their will.

    Thus powerless dictators. Relatively powerless dictators.

    In both cases we value our own opinions above others, but individualists at least value the opinions of others as it applies to themselves. Collectivists complain that individualists are greedy because individualists don’t want to be ruled by others. Sort of treason against the king they see themselves to be, assuming their opinion to be the true will of society, or at least is in society’s own best interests.

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  2. Grace says:

    “It’s very important to understand that secular leftist professors – at least non-STEM professors at secular campuses – are not capable of critical thinking or tolerating different points of view. You just have to look at them as unreasoning barbarians, and avoid saying or doing anything that can provoke their anti-intellectual rage against you.”

    I don’t agree with this sentiment.

    Sit down and shut up so the bullies won’t bully, threaten, and attempt to punish you? I believe this is the wrong message to teach to our youth.

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      I’m not argueing with you, but…

      You’re a fourth year engineering student at a prestigious school. You blew off your Humanities courses to focus on real courses. You didn’t notice that those Humanities courses were being weaponized against you while you did real work.

      You take a course you think of as Bullshit Studies 101. Not its actual title, but a good description. You hear this crap in class, and know what the “right” answer is.

      Do you speak up? Risk flunking, which blows off that job you lined up at the recruiting fair, or really call the prof on its (true pronoun: Hers or His or Its, abbreviated as H’orsH’its) bull, and get expelled for “threatening” i.e. questioning its authority?

      It’s pretty tough for a 20 something geek to not just shut up, get along, get out, get working.

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      • Persecuted in WI says:

        Our son who is a usic major in a “power Five” university in the west has reported the same thing. Now music is not STEM. Except that it’s a lot closer than you’d think. Or at least I thought 4 years ago. A 300 or 400 level theory class is as complex and “this is the way it is and I don’t care what your feelings are” as an upper level hard science course. And history (at least pre-1600 history) doesn’t or hasn’t changed.

        But now he has to take his non major but “core” classes. Like his diversity class. Diversity. He’s a kid who’s half Hispanic (and grew up in a white bread town of 1,200) and took two semesters of Japanese, but he’s got to take a diversity class. OK. The History of Jazz fits. “The Psychology of Sex” took care of half of his science requirements.

        He was home for spring break last week and told us that he was so happy that we taught him to answer verbal or written questions with “According to the textbook…..” or “As the teacher said, …..” (He was home schooled through high school and has managed to finish 3 years of college with a 3.+ GPA)

        Talked with him last night and he spent his non-class time “standing guard” at a public grassy area where the school’s pro-life group put crosses up to remember the babies killed in the womb. Apparently the progs on campus were triggered by all the crosses and pulled them up. He and his friends replanted them.

        tl;dr: My kid and I’m proud of him.


  3. lorddewclaw says:

    Calling the employers of people who disagree with you on the internet…

    I am sure it is on page 34 of “Liberal Politics for Dummies” seeing as so many libs are doing it.

    (Hey, Fatass!! -waves-)

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  4. Dr_Mike says:

    Wow. Read the whole artice, didn’t just skim it.

    Going after somebody for “liking” a Facebook post? Wow.

    She went full Schmalfeldt. You never go full Schmalfeldt. You go there, how do you ever know you really came back?

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