The First Amendment Is Important, but So Is Quality Reporting

The Radio Television Digital News Association is forming a task force to protect First Amendment Freedoms. From a story on the association’s web site:

“It has become politically fashionable to bash the press, and we believe that should not go unanswered,” said Task Force Co-Chair Scott Libin. “We intend to demonstrate the indispensable role of journalism in a democracy.”

And this, from Molly Hemingway at The Federalist:

Why Is CNN Refuting The Susan Rice Story It Refuses To Cover?

Why Is CNN Refuting The Susan Rice Story It Refuses To Cover?

CNN has decided to debunk the story about Susan Rice unmasking information on citizens close to Donald Trump before reporting on it.

For months, CNN has been all over stories that attempt to undermine the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency by suggesting ties to Russia. It would be impossible to catalogue the hourly drumbeat of “new” stories on this angle that have gone on for months, despite the lack of named sources or actual evidence.

The cable news outlet heavily pushed the infamous “Russian dossier” story that was quickly harmed by BuzzFeed showing how dubious to the point of laughable the dossier was. The network’s obsession extends to running red-washed photoshopped graphics of Trump advisors in front of St. Basil’s. The Russia scare headlines run into the dozens each and every day.

The problem isn’t lack of respect for the First Amendment. The problem is that those claiming to be doing journalism are not actually doing it well. Too many are pulling for a particular agenda so hard that they actually put the narrative ahead of their success.

They’d rather be on a ratings failure, as long as they can push an agenda.

Nobody needs a task force to defend the First Amendment. We just need people willing to do their jobs well. Uncover, don’t smother the news.


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1 Response to The First Amendment Is Important, but So Is Quality Reporting

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    The freedom of the press also includes the freedom of propaganda. Not saying there shouldn’t be that freedom, there absolutely should, just pointing out the implication which is inevitable. With a well functioning press this would be answered by refuting voices, but our press is not well functioning. Rather, it is the nature of most jobs that don’t actually make things to lean politically left. If this is because of the indoctrination of higher education or because of the nature of the work, I don’t know, but especially entertainers (which don’t fool yourselves, the news media not only is, but always was) leaning politically left is almost a given, the the extremists on the right among that group would be counted as center right among any other.

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