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Happy to Report, the Traffic Was Indeed Calm

Wilson County, NC

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Cassia County, Idaho

Source: Bill Colley 

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CNN Did This a Lot With Clinton and Obama, I’m Sure

Expect the blinds to be drawn next time somebody gets chewed out in the Oval Office. From the UK Daily Mail: Video emerges of Trump’s ‘furious argument’ with top adviser Steven Bannon as Ivanka and Jared look on, hours before … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

About a violent incident of Shutuppery at Middlebury College: In truth, many Americans, not just Murray’s poor whites, have lost patience with people who don’t respect the reverence for freedom of conscience, thought, and speech on which America was founded. … Continue reading

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The Little Ones Have Been Found

Not all barbarism is committed by obvious barbarians: The Washington Post, on a mass grave discovered in Ireland: But after painstaking research, a local historian named Catherine Corless became convinced in 2014 that the infants and small children — perhaps … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

In modern Britain, affirmative action is bigotry by stealth. The statement it makes is that whoever is hiring has such low expectations of women and minority groups that they don’t believe such applicants will be able to get a job … Continue reading

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New Lynch Mobs

Once again, violence is apparently the answer if a college speaker is “controversial.” Eugene Volokh quotes a Vermont paper: Middlebury College Professor Allison Stanger was injured by protesters Thursday evening as she was escorting a controversial speaker from campus. She … Continue reading

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Alcohol and Caffiene

The Foundation for Economic Education: No two drugs have defined human civilization the way alcohol and caffeine have. Nature created both to kill creatures much smaller than us — plants evolved caffeine to poison insect predators, and yeasts produce ethanol to destroy competing microbes. … Continue reading

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Doxxing is Illegal?

h/t GodGraceandGuns (twitter) and Diane B (also  on twitter) Apparently, the actions of cyber-troll Bill Schmalfeldt might have been illegal acts. While I hope he has developed a new hobby by now, it’s important to keep up with the law … Continue reading

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Helen Reminds Me of a Lot of People

Source: Whiteouts. Great cartoons by Paul White!

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