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Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities and Bathrooms

Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities:  Just because something reminds you of a past event, that doesn’t mean the situations are actually similar. Comparisons are always tricky, but sometimes a writer comes upon a unique idea which fits Alexander’s First Law. Erin … Continue reading

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Actually, We Do Have Punishments for Blasphemy, Just Not Laws

Mark Movsesian at the Law and Religion Forum: At the First Things site today, I have a post on the current blasphemy controversy in Denmark, which Marc discussed here last week. Prosecutors have brought a blasphemy charge against a man who … Continue reading

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New Payroll Policy at the Craft Blog

Everyone should by now have the new HR memo. Paragraph three outlines the policy toward male-to-female transgender individuals. Simply put, yes you can use the women’s room. We are also adjusting your pay to match the average across the industry, … Continue reading

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So, Shifting a Few Letters Around Would be No Big Deal

Quote of the Day: “I already live under marital law.” — Dave Alexander (formerly ukuleledave)

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I Need to Check the Gender for My Report!

Some poor guy just ended up giving his coworkers a chuckle: Wild board overrun Fukushima nuclear sites.  

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I No Longer Trust the U.S. Government

No. Not that one. The other one. Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families [and formerly of The Family Research Council] points out that Donald Trump’s charges relating to wiretapping by the Obama administration really are not that far fetched: … Continue reading

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Now That There is Just Funny

Source: Paul White.

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April the Giraffe is Just Fat

WFAA giraffe cam.    

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If You Have to Make a Law…

LGBT groups object: A bill that would that specify in state law that Kentucky’s public school students and public college or university students are allowed to express their religious and political views in their school work, artwork, speeches and other … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Clearing up nothing, but that’s D.C. these days: Either: the president used thinly sourced media reports to float a conspiracy theory about his predecessor and he was wrong; or, citing thinly sourced media reports, he overstated the details of an … Continue reading

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