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Tom Bergeron vs. Al Frankin

Is Judge Gorsuch giving @SenFranken an #EyeRoll? You be the judge… What the #democrats are doing is despicable & they will pay for it.😂 — Cucker Tarlson (@smcosta1969) March 21, 2017 I’ve seen pictures of the Dancing With the … Continue reading

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The Best Part of the “Kimberlin Buys Trump Forgeries” Story

Not that Brett Kimberlin thought that evidence against a sitting president — a billionaire — could be bought for $9,000. Not that his one chance for relevance to Democratic operatives just got destroyed by documents with the wrong dates and … Continue reading

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No, You Don’t Have a “Learning Style”

I wrote about this before here. The Federalist has an article here. While nearly 90 percent of Americans think people have unique learning styles — the best known are labeled auditory, visual, and kinesthetic — cognitive research has steadily debunked the idea over … Continue reading

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Still Around

I haven’t updated my whereabouts in a long time, although I’ve surfaced here and there.  I can see that Dave and the rest of the gang are keeping free speech alive, sometimes it seems like singlehandedly.  I’m delighted that Team … Continue reading

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Anarchists vs. Civilization

Daily Mail: Three people and a terrorist are dead after an attacker brought carnage to central London today, mowing down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and hacking at police with knives in the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. At least … Continue reading

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Protip From a Naval Cat

Always crop out the ribbons, even if only one is unearned. Context. Source.  

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Bill Schmalfeldt is Afraid of John Hoge Knowing His New Address

Bill Schmalfeldt is obligated to inform the court handling John Hoge’s lawsuit of any change of address. Here are Mr. Schmalfeldt’s own words on the subject: HOGE WILL NOT GET MY HOME ADDRESS There are reasons I am very reluctant … Continue reading

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Are Christians “Crying Wolf” About Persecution?

  On the Law and Religion Forum there are a series of posts in which a writer points out that Christians must be careful not to claim victimhood too often, in case they appear to be the ‘Boy Who Cried … Continue reading

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NPR Critic: Netflix Blew It

Hiring a white guy to play Iron Fist. NPR’s Eric Deggans is miffed: On the surface, Marvel’s “Iron Fist” is a clunky story about a rich kid who goes missing when his plane crashes in Asia. He returns to New … Continue reading

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What Would You Borrow Money For?

Don Surber (h/t Other McCain) From “Why am I Paying for This Junk?” I get that Philadelphia wants to keep its tourist attraction. So here’s my suggestion: you pay for it. And West Virginia will pay for all its tourist … Continue reading

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