Brett, I Can Help

Brett Kimberlin apparently has mislaid some important information regarding his parole. This is from a Hogewash! post regarding the state of discovery in the Hoge v. Kimberlin case:

Not credible.png

Somewhere in the vast Craft Blog Archives we have a copy of the information provided by the Freedom of Information Request from the U.S. Parole Commission which included this document:



Now as I said here, there is that possibility that Brett Kimberlin was not paroled. As he has said during at least one court hearing, and perhaps in other documentation…Brett Kimberlin claims not to be on parole. He claims some odd double-secret exoneration. Perhaps that would be in the redacted portion.

Of course, claiming he does not have a piece of paper saying ‘parole’ has the effect of allowing Mr. Kimberlin to pretend not to understand how parole works, just as he has pretended not to understand the intricacies of the United State’s Postal Service. 

I would be happy to mail a copy to the attorney for Justice Through Music Project, Jeffrey Cohen, or Mr. Kimberlin’s co-defendant Mr. Schmalfeldt. I can’t seem to see a current address for either.  I don’t have a photocopier, but I’d be glad to hop in the Impala and drive down to the photocopy center. I just have to fluff up my Ranger shirt and find my Smokey Bear hat. Gotta be around here somewhere.

Both of those links go to Hogewash!


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