Tom Bergeron vs. Al Frankin

I’ve seen pictures of the Dancing With the Stars host next to Neil Gorsuch’s picture. I was not convinced of the resemblance. This video shows it.

Oh, and Al Franken is unimpressive.

h/t Ace.


2 thoughts on “Tom Bergeron vs. Al Frankin

  1. onwyrdsdream

    If a not very good comedian who became modestly famous for being vaguely funny on a show that was never very good and worse once he started writing for it, who abused various controlled substances in his not quite youth can become a senator, anyone can. Well. Provided they’re a democrat, and they’re willing to endorse a 6’2″ 300 pound bald, bearded individual equipped with a penis and in crotch-less pants is a woman if he says he is in his deep baritone voice. Excuse me. HER voice. Right.

    (waiting for my check from the DNC)



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