Still Around

I haven’t updated my whereabouts in a long time, although I’ve surfaced here and there.  I can see that Dave and the rest of the gang are keeping free speech alive, sometimes it seems like singlehandedly.  I’m delighted that Team Kimberlin appears to be in the final stages of imploding, largely due to John Hoge’s and Aaron Walker’s efforts and they deserve maximum kudos as a result from everyone.

Me.  After peddling my ass for a quarter-century as a lawyer I’m now coming up on one full year of pedaling my ass on a bike.  I’ve restarted my blog to publish info about this year’s rides.  If you’d care to look here’s the [linkie].

I’m still working on a book about last year’s trip. I’ve used a crazyguyonabike journal [linkie] to help get everything organized. The 5,000 or so photos I took during the ride will ultimately appear there. It’s been slow going, but the process has been very rewarding.

I hope this finds everyone happy, well and prosperous, and that things stay that way during the rest of the year.  I’m counting on seeing the final demise of TK and all its minions this year, but we’ll see, I guess.

So take it easy.


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2 Responses to Still Around

  1. Adriane says:

    … insert Queen’s Bicycle Song here …


  2. agiledog says:

    Keep peddling, David.


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