Bill Schmalfeldt is Afraid of John Hoge Knowing His New Address

Bill Schmalfeldt is obligated to inform the court handling John Hoge’s lawsuit of any change of address. Here are Mr. Schmalfeldt’s own words on the subject:


There are reasons I am very reluctant to give my personal home address to WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, Maryland. They revolve around issues of personal security and safety based on the fact that each time I have revealed my home address, Hoge has promulgated that address to his network of slime-covered operatives who use the information to stalk me and endanger my life and safety.

Yeah, so it was not so long ago that Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t feel hesitant to publish my address, employer name and a picture of my house. [Remember, Tweets read bottom to top.]

That’s my house. That’s me.

My crime? I spoke critically of him. He couldn’t find anything really nasty that I’ve said and still can’t.

My response at the time, and is to this day…no.  

Posts about this are on Hogewash!, Thinkingmanszombie and BillySez.


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4 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt is Afraid of John Hoge Knowing His New Address

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    We already know his new address, but right now it’s FUN watching him cower and squirm and burrow even deeper under the porch.

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  2. agiledog says:

    It doesn’t matter whether Bill is afraid or not. The law is pretty clear on the matter. Notify the court and the other parties of the new address, or be in contempt of court.

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  3. In this particular legal matter, he could have avoided all trouble simply by following through on his legal commitments to John Hoge, and by avoiding his endorsement of a story published online. Protip: Never, ever announce that someone else’s story is true…unless you are ready to share a table in court with the writer. Doubly true if the story is about someone who has dragged you to court before.

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  4. JorgXMcKie says:

    It is bad enough for him that he has tangled with people who aren’t willing to let him get away with his BS. I’m always surprised he hasn’t managed to cross someone who would really take him out. Blowhards do seem to eventually run into someone who won’t put up with them. Many years ago I saw one get a huge set of lumps after he wouldn’t shut up when he should have. It was oddly gratifying.


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