Are Christians “Crying Wolf” About Persecution?


On the Law and Religion Forum there are a series of posts in which a writer points out that Christians must be careful not to claim victimhood too often, in case they appear to be the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf.’

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Orange jumpsuits: Christians

A writer questioned if conservative Christians were anti-Sharia.

First, Rob writes that Christians are “lead[ing] the charge” against Muslims in some communities, citing conservative Christian support for so-called anti-Sharia laws and for the denial of zoning permits for the construction of mosques. I wonder if this is true. No doubt some conservative Christians do support these policies

Language is so important here. Are Christians anti-Sharia? Since Sharia extends far beyond the home or faith, it is not analogous to, for example, the Ten Commandments or various religious restrictions for the faithful. Jews do not demand the absence of pork in my diet, and neither Christians nor Jews try to insist that others stop coveting. (Coveting as a mental/emotional state, not actual theft.)

Shariah as practiced by many Muslims demands acquiescence by non-believers. Why else do we see Western diplomats (Mrs. Clinton and her daughter as well) with their heads covered? Christianity is being eliminated from the Holy Land, as some are having their heads chopped off, and not by Amish.

No, I won’t allow Muslims to force my countrymen to live under Sharia. That’s my Christian and American position. Additionally, any code which limits the rights of women, or non-Muslims is not American. That’s my position.

My other ‘position’ on things like this is balanced, with one eye over the sight, and a pile of brass at my feet. But that’s a post for another day.  

I demand and will defend my right to take my faith into the public square — not to demand others follow my faith — but to inform my decisions in public life.

Attempts to limit that kind of freedom, and attempts to use genocide to rid the Holy Land of Christianity — these are not crying wolf. They are the truth, in a world in which a splinter group of one faith has declared war on the rest of the world.



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