That’s Not Really the Choice, Is It?


(I really can’t figure out the artist’s name, and the site is ‘’  They have an art site?)

It you create art which angers, and you are not already dead…you can thank those who with strength and resolve defend your rights. Those who would make war on your behalf don’t do so because they really think art is unimportant. They know that the full range of human activity would be threatened if those who want to kill or subjugate you were allowed free rein.  

You make art, literature, science and music only because you are not actively defending your country. Be grateful. 

Oh, and the subliminal “obey” symbol on her neck…

Not likely.

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3 Responses to That’s Not Really the Choice, Is It?

  1. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    It is not a real Army Corps of Engineers site they will end in

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    • Clyde says:

      It looks like an artwork posting site, with the contact page focusing on people demanding their art be removed. A whois lookup indicates that the site owner really doesn’t want to be known.


  2. Paul Krendler says:

    You know “Monuments Men” was based on a true story, right?

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