Lemme See If I Got This

Rachel Maddow on CNBC teased a story about having Trump’s tax returns, and apparently in 2005 he paid more by percentage than Obama…

The National Weather Service decided not to predict the winter snow totals because they thought people wouldn’t understand.

[Weather Prediction Center’s Greg] Carbin said a last-minute change downgrading snowfall totals might have given people the wrong message that the storm was no longer a threat. 


Ashley Judd says she got scared at a basketball game when a white haired man said “We like Trump,” and walked away.

And it’s also clear that his entire approach to me and aggressive sticking his phone 6 inches in front of my face to take my picture was a part of his plan to treat me with rudeness, aggression, and disrespect. Who knows, maybe he’s already done something undignified with the picture or maybe it was just a pretense so he could say something menacing to me.

I feel very sad that this happened, and frankly scared.

Real people think Russia preferred Donald Trump as president of the United States. As opposed to Hillary Clinton, who can be bought with a speaking fee for Bill.


Al Gore was on NPR this afternoon, upset that people believe what he calls disinformation and propaganda.

It’s really about the nature of the public discourse and how it now makes our country more vulnerable to the kind of disinformation and propaganda that is being substituted for the kind of dialogue that our founders hoped we would have.

And they say Breitbart News is fake? 


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2 Responses to Lemme See If I Got This

  1. Dr. Dan says:

    Yes Sir, I do believe you got it right.


    Sorry to tell you this..but…Yes.

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  2. lorddewclaw says:

    The fact that self proclaimed “journalist” Bill Schmalfeldt, and hack Rachael Maddow are a left rolling turd sniffers says all you need to know about the left… and their view of “facts.”

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