Giraffe Cam Cut Off For Completely Logical Reasons




The Animal Adventure Park posted to their Facebook page that the stream was suspended for “nudity & sexual content. They said “Animal Rights Extremists” were responsible.

I have been watching the live stream of the eventual birth of a giraffe from April, the giraffe (that’s how these things work.)

WFAA is now hosting the live stream, which shows a giraffe milling about in a cage.

Let me report that I can see the giraffe baby kicking. No baby yet. I do not see any nudity or sexual content.

I’m told the first signs of childbirth in giraffes are usually subtle.

h/t Ace.


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2 Responses to Giraffe Cam Cut Off For Completely Logical Reasons

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Like most people who obsess over things which aren’t their business, animal rights extremists (though I somewhat reject the extremist word) are generally more harmful to what they obsess over than helpful.


  2. I reject the notion that animals have “rights,” but emphasize that humans have a responsibility to treat animals with dignity and compassion. Right up until the moment we kill and eat them. I can’t imagine why anyone would care if we watch the birth.

    By the way, as of Friday morning, 8:18…she still looks very pregnant.


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