Oh, Now TheTimes Cares About Anti-Semitism

h/t Ace.

The Algemeiner: (Ira Stoll)

President Trump has been in office for barely a month, but he already deserves credit for at least one major accomplishment: He’s gotten the New York Times to discover a new interest in intensively covering antisemitism.

What am I talking about?

There have been several cases of vandalism which were not covered by The Times, or made to sound unimportant. Now,under Trump, these sorts of things are major news.

This is The Narrative.

The Narrative is the undercurrent of the news business. As soon as a sort of trend develops which seems to fit the reporter or editor’s mindset, then The Narrative kicks in. Any uptick in anything which can be hung around Trump’s neck, will be.

To summarize: Ten Jewish cemetery desecrations, of which two — one of which was outside the US — were covered by the New York Times. Both times the Timesbothered to cover the attacks, the newspaper did so in a way that minimized the potentially antisemitic aspect of the attack.

In November of 2016, Donald Trump was elected president.

In February 2017, there were two attacks on Jewish cemeteries. About 200 tombstones were affected at a graveyard near St. Louis, Mo., and about 100 at one in Philadelphia, Pa.

The Times responded in a markedly different way than it did to the earlier, pre-Trump attacks, which it had either ignored or minimized.


The article prominently noted that critics said the attacks “were an outgrowth of the vitriol of last year’s presidential campaign and Mr. Trump’s tone during it.” The Times reinforced this point with not just one, but two op-eds commenting on the attack…

In the old days, this would be missed, but now people are watching the news media. And we are finding them corrupt.

I’d write more, but the lights are flickering because of a line of thunderstorms moving through in the wake of the surprise election of Donald Trump, on a wave of racist, antisemitic and populist hate speech.  –snort – 



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