Not Juicing, but Transitioning

Strangest wrestling story this week. AP:

Beggs, who reached the state tournament after two opponents forfeited, was dogged throughout the event by questions about whether his testosterone treatments made him too strong to wrestle fairly against girls.

It’s hard to understand the article, because they feel the need to refer to this teenager as a “transgender boy,” and they use the pronouns “he” and “him” as if saying so makes it so. It doesn’t. 

Being politically incorrect is about the only way to get it:

Girl wrestler forced to compete against girls, even though she is taking drugs to become a boy. She did not actually want to wrestle girls…but was denied the opportunity to wrestle with boys, since she has not completed the transition.

[I’m gonna call the kid “she,” in part because she still is a girl, and since she won the Texas state championship in the girl’s division.]

Attorney Jim Baudhuin tried and failed to get injunctions before both the district and regional meets to prevent Beggs from competing while he transitions because he is taking testosterone. Baudhuin, who is the parent of a wrestler at another school who has never faced Beggs, told The Associated Press earlier this week he doesn’t blame Beggs for the situation, but faults the UIL.

“The more I learn about this, the more I realize that she’s just trying to live her life and her family is, too,” Baudhuin said. “She’s being forced into that position. Who knows, through discovery we may find out that’s not the case. But every indication is, the way the winds are going now, the blame rests with the UIL and the superintendents.”

Actually, I’m going out on a limb here, but the blame goes to mom and dad, who didn’t sit down with the child and say “If you want to be a boy, fine. Let’s not simultaneously participate in athletics. Because taking testosterone might give you an unfair advantage against girl, and there’s no way you can wrestle the boys.”

I wish her the best, and if she really wants to be a guy…plenty of time for that. 


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7 Responses to Not Juicing, but Transitioning

  1. No disrespect to the kid but two opponents forfeited. Oh and this was Texas. Who thought the athletic association was going to allow competition across gender lines in wrestling?


  2. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    She should not have been allowed to compete, a male taking testosterone would have been disqualified for taking a performance enhancing drug.


  3. crawford421 says:

    Poor kid needs counseling, and her parents need at least that.

    Her genes will always be XX, and this abuse of her body will likely leave her sterile, even if her abusers stop short of surgical mutilation.


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