Help Us Find a Cure

While this a serious situation, it reminded me of something:

rare disease day.png

Fakinsons, malingering and illnesses of convenience are all on the rise. Millions of people suffer (or enjoy) diseases which seem to defy actual medical science. For years on end, they are nearly crippled by symptoms which force them to rely on spouses to perform routine tasks, like walking the dogs or mailing unintentionally humorous court pleadings. Some of the symptoms include impulsiveness, poor hygiene and obsessive behavior. Later, the spouses can no longer help, these poor souls are forced to buy cars, drink liquor and carry on as if they had never been ill.

Help us, won’t you, to stamp out the phony maladies and the fakers? 

Then, medical science can find resources to investigate real, actual illnesses. 

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One Response to Help Us Find a Cure

  1. lorddewclaw says:

    The website This Ain’t Hell has discovered an awesome truth….

    When investigating alleged cases of Stolen Valor, the Stolen Valor is usually the tip of the iceberg. By pulling that string, one usually discovers all kinds of other unlawful behavior… like fraud, lies in appeals for charity, and other malfeasance. Stolen Valor is usually an INDICATOR of other unlawful and unsavory acts.

    Things that make you go “hmmmmmmm…”

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