Bravado: You’re Doing it Wrong

Consider the thoughts of Bill Schmalfeldt, an individual who has gone out of his way to soil his own reputation and attempts to get people fired.  

know me.png

Taking the ‘lame attempt’ Tweet at face value, I assume someone has informed Mr. Schmalfeldt’s employer of Peace Orders, previous urine-related writings, and some other whatnot. I’m on record as discouraging such things, but…turnabout is fair play. Bill’s public statements have made it clear that he has done the same.

I’m focused upon the statement “This is my town, people know me.”

It reminds me a bit of the “fed to fed” Tweet of a few years back in which Schmalfeldt assumed he’s have some common ground with a postal inspector, since he was once a writer for the federal government. The details are fading in my memory, but the tone was much the same. I know the special handshake. No pun intended.

A reminder: Knowing Bill Schmalfeldt is exactly the opposite of liking Bill Schmalfeldt. To know him is to loath him.

Bill Schmalfeldt should take no comfort that the anonymous, pseudonymous or non-Quad Cities individuals who are contacting his employer are strangers, while Bill is known to his employers. After a while, Bill’s personality will be known to his employers. Even without information from the Lickspittles, his employers will come to certain conclusions about him. Management might Google Bill Schmalfeldt. A few listeners might, too. This is a natural process, and one reason why folks generally avoid making strikingly odd statements in public.

As for the second Tweet at the top of this post, involving prosecution: Radio stations have notoriously weak prosecutorial powers. At one time, the phone police were fearsome, as explained by Dr. Johnny Fever:

My copy of the Communications Act of 1932 and its amendments show no actual police powers afforded to radio stations.

I would encourage those who dislike Bill Schmalfeldt to act within legal boundaries. Please don’t put yourselves in jeopardy by exaggerating, overstating or becoming a pest. 

Take the lead of the most wise Stacy McCain:

The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt. — RS McCain



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6 Responses to Bravado: You’re Doing it Wrong

  1. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

    I have the distinct memory of being arrested by The Amazon Review Police over a year ago. Fortunately, their powers of incarceration proved less fearsome than their powers of apprehension.

    Isn’t it fabulous how Bill continually finds new commercial, quasi-law-enforcement businesses? What an exciting time for legal scholars!

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  2. Dr_Mike says:

    Say, that last tweet from back in 2012: Was that the one with the link you’ve thankfully obscured, where someone else had said Lee’s wife should be raped, and Bill “helpfully” posted a link to their address with a video of the inside of their house?

    I swear I saw Lee on TV recently. In a White House press briefing. Asking questions to people in power, which those people _actually heard_ and answered. You know, like a real big-boy journalist.

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  3. BusPassOffice says:

    he threatened a woman with his deportation powers bestowed on him by Facebook

    he was going to lock up Lee Stranahan if he came to Maryland to file a restraining order as was his right empowered by his membership in the depends of the month club

    he used the imperial powers inherent in all NIH customer service reps to threaten those who defied his medal of Honor rubble digging and boy rape at XMFAN and Political Forum blogs

    John hoge, frog marched 1,365 times and was honored at a bloggers convention while being processed for the electric chair

    protected in the fortress of solitude and order of the sisters, I was offered that he would spare my family if I fell on my sword

    yeah, I’mean beginning to see a pattern…

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  4. Bill has soiled his reputation all through his lifetime. He also soils himself frequently, especially when police pay a visit.


  5. one handle and stick to it says:

    Who’s This Broadway Bill at Mac 94.7 FM in Clinton, IA ?
    Anyone know if he’s any better than that putz Bill Schmalfeldt?


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