One Day the Left Might Have a Rude Awakening


Digital Heretic points out an essay by blogger Chris Hernandez, with this sad, but true statement about the left:

Don’t get me wrong; you’re great at being cowards and forming large groups to attack individual unarmed people, you’re highly skilled at breaking windows, you’re proficient at arson, but you suck at actual fighting. And since your groups are made up of people who hate guns and hate the military, you don’t have armed, trained people experienced in the use of violence.

But your targets do. The people you consider Nazis are far more likely to be armed, trained, and prepared to fight than you are. And the more incidents of mass violence you commit, the more likely regular Americans are to fight back. Those regular Americans will be better at fighting than you are. The only reason you people haven’t been beaten down en masse in the streets is because regular Americans are following the rules and expecting the police to stop you. It won’t always be that way. Some day, probably very soon, you’ll encounter people who are intimately familiar with the kind of violence you think you’re capable of. And you won’t win.

I hate hate, hate violence and really don’t want this to deteriorate. Free speech is for everybody. There are also freedoms to own property and to protect that property and your safety when the mobs come to town. 

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3 Responses to One Day the Left Might Have a Rude Awakening

  1. Just A Thought says:

    An opposing view:×4-to-the-teeth/

    “They’ve got organizational infrastructure in place. They’ve got leadership cadre and numbers. They’ve got the will to get violent, right now. What they don’t have is their puppet masters handing them guns and ammo…yet.”


    • lorddewclaw says:

      Organizational infrastructure? Getting on the darkweb and posting “let’s break shit” is not “organizational.” Ninja, puleez.

      Numbers? From my observations there are no more than a few hundred in any given region or any particular “protest.” Even if each and everyone of there stupid asses had a fully loaded Barrett sitting next to them… I like my chances.

      They do have the will to get violent. So do I. I just haven’t reached the peg point to activate said violence in me. When we get to that point…. I like my chances.

      JAT, respectfully, I do not agree with the author of your link.

      I respectfully submit that I and my comrade-in-arms aren’t going to sit on our collective asses while black block gheyboys run unfettered through the streets. We will hit them…. and end them.

      Rubble don’t make trouble. Make the rubble bounce.


      • Just A Thought says:

        “JAT, respectfully, I do not agree with the author of your link.”

        And that’s fine. I have neither the experience nor knowledge to judge between the two competing views.

        That said, given that these rioters run around with pre-printed signs does suggest organization, foresight planning, and a supply chain.

        I hope that Dave’s link is correct and fear that mine is.


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