The Best Way to Discredit the Left…

…is to quote them.

Fighting fascism apparently means breaking windows, bloodying people who disagree with you, and stopping dissent from the agenda of the left. It involves violence against citizens who voted for and support the duly elected President. 

They really believe they are morally superior, and as so the have the right to riot.

The vegetarian, pasty-faced, gun-hating left has declared war on the United States of America.

Do they know there are no participation trophies in war?

h/t Ace.


2 thoughts on “The Best Way to Discredit the Left…

  1. onwyrdsdream

    We won this night.
    Strangely, still look like losers. Considering state houses, Congress, Governor’s mansions, and the White House.. “winning” sounds like the bark of a loser dog.

    We will control the streets.
    Only if the local idiots let them. It isn’t as though it would count as much effort to catch them all.

    We will liberate the land.
    Weird way to spell subjugate. And no.

    We will fight fascists.
    You are fascists. The brown shirts? Be it ideology or methods, you are them.

    We will dismantle the state.
    Where will you get your free birth control? Face it, you are the ones who overwhelmingly need the state. On the right, we’ll defend ourselves and our loved ones, honor contracts, and pay our own way.

    This is war.
    Declares the side whose never hunted, isn’t armed, never served, and doesn’t have the skillset to create Cuba’s thriving economy. You guys are getting the lazy internet communists’ hopes up. Well, I don’t mind their dreams being crushed. Again.

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