Somebody Already Had Posters Made

‘Scalia’s successor should have rightfully been Obama’s to choose’.

Without actually knowing what they were going to oppose…somebody apparently ordered signs. Because it’s pretty clear, in Trump’s America…there will be plenty of things to oppose.


“What are you rebelling against, Johnny?” – Mildred

“Whaddaya got?” – Johnny Strabler (Marlon Brando)

Dialogue, The Wild One 1953

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2 Responses to Somebody Already Had Posters Made

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Honestly, people who think Trump is literally Hitler should thanks their gods for the opportunity to have someone who will interpret the Constitution the way he has and will. But someone who believes it means what it says is the last thing they want.. because it would get in the way of what they claim to fear, when they do it.


  2. Loren says:

    I really appreciate a well thought out, principled, opposition. ?Instead we get Oppose _fill in the blank_

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