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Much like mindless lemmings, some but not all trump supporters follow blindly as they chant “make America great again.”  What do these people think made America great at one time?  What made America less great before his presidency?  Blinded by prejudice, indifference and hate these supporters cannot see just how far they are being goose-stepped away from freedom and democracy.  A professor from Berkley University in California compared trump to infamous dictators from the past; Hitler, Mussolini, Franco.  There are common denominators; first was blaming a certain ethic group for a countries problems, second is speaking of “the great yesterday.”  IE… “Make America great again…”  In terms of rationality, many use “alternative facts” to state their case.  Or much like his views on climate change, they just use denial as their argument.  Even when you have proof, it is considered “rigged” or part of some conspiracy by the Democrats/Liberals.  There is no way to reason with people of this mentality!  Under the facades of; national security, betrayal, and more jobs for workers…  Legalized US citizens are being detained, a woman who stood up against a potential unlawful order was fired and Mother Earth is being stripped of her rights to survive.

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Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities:  Just because something reminds you of a past event, that doesn’t mean the situations are actually similar. — Dave Alexander

In Hitler’s Germany, it was the brown shirts who committed violence. In Trump’s America it is the opposition which creates violence.  They gleefully trash the streets of Berkeley, then blame Milo, or Trump, or the patriarchy.

No justice, no peace has always been a threat.


USA Today.

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  1. I see you did not include the rest of my blog pertaining to this article, why? I feel that this small sample does not clearly express the point my article is trying to make. Sincerely…WRMM author


    • Paul Krendler says:

      Well, having now read both posts in full and in context by following the link left by my friend Dave, I think I have gleaned both the point you wished to make in your post AND the point Dave wished to make here.

      I disagree with yours, and I find that the tone you took is an essential element of support to the theme of Dave’s point.

      I agree with Dave, but I will leave any further defense of it to him, if there is to be one.


    • Because of copyright and politeness. I’m rarely ever going to strip an entire article. I did present quite a bit of it, most of it wrong-headed.

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Mussolini didn’t particularly blame an ethnic group. Being historically illiterate is not a great start.

    And Trump doesn’t blame an ethnic group for America not being great. He blames them for producing the majority of the terrorists who’ve attacked us and our interests in the last decade. If the author weren’t intelectially dishonest or blinded by moral equivalency, he wouldn’t attempt such an idiotic argument.

    Trump points out that certain countries have certain ideologies which promote death of others and an end of liberty. These people who we should by all means keep out are difficult to identify from those who don’t hold those beliefs, as they aren’t our people to begin with. They do, however, mainly come from a small number of countries where the worst forms of those beliefs have gathered. Hitler identified all Jews, if they wanted to be part of his country or not, if they followed the laws of the country or not. The similarity is only skin deep, but it is closer to deciding that 1939 Germans want to immigrate in mass, among them many are NAZIs who want to spread their ideology while blowing up buildings and landmarks. What should we do?

    What made America less great isn’t Muslims, nor does Trump claim they are. It is socialism. Likewise Obama’s policies, including helping our enemies and pissing off our allies, making us more alone in the world… The author doesn’t mention it in the exerpt, but if he did, how it makes us less great is not difficult. He mentions liberty, but nothing about socialism is compatible with liberty. Including those anarchists from a few days ago. A free society requires a virtuous people. Burning things randomly is how you get a police state. Socialism is also incompatible with wealth, which is weird, given it is more truly based on greed than capitalism.

    He also mentioned climate change, but that is also a subject I know well, and honestly? Climate change is more about virtue signalling than anything. It is literally a situation where 2+2=5.

    In the end, the article was a list of reasons the author was angry about Trump hidden in the cloth of a fascism warning, but the reasons were shallow and dishonest. There are books devoted to why his various points are wrong, they don’t become right by lumping them together and screaming Trump while shaking his fist.

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  3. crawford421 says:

    Trump is less of a fascist than either Obama or Hillary.


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