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Quote of the Day

  “We have been fighting to remove the headscarf. Why are these the stupid women putting them on?” — an Egyptian woman quoted in this article from World Net Daily.

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Gus Bailey Suggest This From Ace

Over at the very shy and demure ‘Ace of Spades HQ’, CBD brings up a very salient point.  The Left keeps foisting “rights” onto society for society to slavishly embrace, respect, uphold and celebrate; but so many of these “rights” … Continue reading

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John Hoge Goes There

Brett Kimberlin won’t comply with discovery, and won’t pay sanctions regarding previous refusals to follow court rules. Finally, John Hoge mentioned the one word many of us would think would be fair: Why should Brett Kimberlin be allowed to fail … Continue reading

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The Only Instance of Shia Labeouf Ever Being Intimidating

Shia Labeouf melts down and gets physical with a counter-protester. This is now the second time he's done this. — Just Call Me Mister (@MisterMetokur) January 22, 2017 Now, the counter protester must be even shorter than Labeouf plus … Continue reading

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Or, the Schools Could Teach the Greater Lesson of Consequences

Seattle Times: Students at a number of Seattle middle and high schools are planning walkouts for Inauguration Day on Friday, and the district is telling families that any students who participate likely will receive an unexcused absence. That’s under a … Continue reading

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Am I the Only One Who Noticed This?

  When this guy showed up on Drudge…   Did he remind you of this guy?

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Someone Has Created a LinkedIn Profile for Bill Schmafeldt

Knock it off, guys! The profile claims that Bill Schmalfeldt is hoping to returm to work, after retiring due to a long commute to work. I happen to know this is incorrect. Bill Schmalfeldt was working from home when he … Continue reading

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Bill Schmalfeldt is Not Impressed…

…with John Hoge’s offer of a settlement in Hoge’s suit.  John Hoge is suing Bill Schmalfeldt in part over Bill using copyrighted material from Hogewash! Part of Bill’s response: Mr. Schmalfeldt has also reprinted a picture of the late Connie … Continue reading

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NPR’s Ari Shapiro Finds America

Or at least rural Yadkin County, NC, which he visited and found the exact people who like Trump: The people we met in Yadkin County — which is north of Charlotte, in a rural corner of the state not far … Continue reading

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I’ll Bet This is True

Update: Great minds think alike. So do ours. Long lines at the shredders in the White House.  

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