Tired of Tears

For those of you who cried when the towers fell, and cried again when it kept happening. Cried for Charlie, cried for Nice. And now you cry for Quebec.

Isn’t it time to figure out a serious plan to stop terrorist events as they happen?

I’m done crying.

In my old church, usually at least three men are carrying under they jackets each Sunday. I don’t know about the ladies, but maybe one or two. We don’t expect anything, but I don’t expect anything would last more than a few seconds.  

Terrorists want to make people afraid and fragile. I think the plan must be to make people fearless and strong. Cowards demand the rest of us become sheep.  

No more sheep. I don’t know the solution, but some of the things we’ve tried have failed. Crying won’t make the terrorists shudder in fear. 



Some words about sheep, the sheepdog and the wolf here.

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