Complain if missed

In the time it took to make this sign, the wearer could have read a few red-letter verses and then thought better of it all.

Utopia, you are standing in it!

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7 Responses to Complain if missed

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    I checked off seven!


  2. wffoley says:

    Left off the Masons. Can’t have a good conspiratorial rant without the AF&AM or the F&AM mentioned. I give the sign maker a C-, just not quite up to standards.

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  3. I got six, though I really don’t know what a “jewelry worshipper”, so maybe seven?


    • Gus Bailey says:

      Anything other than a wedding band. Amish get a -1 as they don’t even wear those.

      Oh and I got seven, but I’m willing to learn one or two more; they sound interesting.


  4. I once was a Mary-worshiping Catholic…which might be the start to a very difficult limerick.


  5. agiledog says:

    You folks are no fun. I got at least 10, maybe 11.


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