The Fascists are here

A short post by Fernando De Vasquez included this bit of truth:

If there are differing opinions on the left, the chance of hearing these voices is slim because modern liberalism tends to eat their own — there’s a very real fear of speaking out. Those who have opinions or jokes outside of their bubble are susceptible to losing their jobs or careers because of a few sensitive people who hound employers until they fire those deemed “racist”.

Time and time, liberals get caught not being sufficiently liberal. Remember the example of the Yale professor and her husband. Her crime?

NY Times:

The lecturer, Erika Christakis, an expert in early childhood education, wrote an email in October suggesting that there could be negative consequences to students ceding “implied control” over Halloween costumes to institutional forces. “I wonder, and I am not trying to be provocative: Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious,” she wrote, “a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?”

She was forced to resign after students decided she was not liberal enough. Her husband also left Yale. A year later, Christakis remembered her intentions:

I had hoped to generate a reflective conversation among students: What happens when one person’s offense is another person’s pride? Should a costume-wearer’s intent or context matter? Can we always tell the difference between a mocking costume and one that satirizes ignorance? In what circumstances should we allow — or punish — youthful transgression?

Christakis on the student reaction:

The community’s response seemed, to many outside the Yale bubble, a baffling overreaction. Nearly a thousand students, faculty and deans called for my and my husband’s immediate removal from our jobs and campus home. Some demanded not only apologies for any unintended racial insensitivity (which we gladly offered) but also a complete disavowal of my ideas (which we did not) — as well as advance warning of my appearances in the dining hall so that students accusing me of fostering violence wouldn’t be disturbed by the sight of me.

No. Halloween costumes which appropriate cultures are not to be worn. Or discussed. Wall that topic off at Yale, the second greatest educational institution in the U.S. (SUNY Oswego is still #1. Go Lakers!)

How many other topics are banned? Who bans them?

Ask the gals in the Women’s Center anything about gender and power. Bring a cup of coffee and find a comfortable chair. Ask the fellas in the Black Studies Center about the War on Poverty or the disproportionate abortion of black children. Or ask a conservative anything. I’m not picking a fight with anybody here, just pointing out that some stuff really deserves a good discussion.

It is the liberal who chooses to try to stop debate.

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  1. Pablo says:

    Let’s not forget the role this snowflake played.

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