Gus Bailey Suggest This From Ace

Over at the very shy and demure ‘Ace of Spades HQ’, CBD brings up a very salient point.  The Left keeps foisting “rights” onto society for society to slavishly embrace, respect, uphold and celebrate; but so many of these “rights” used to be privileges.  What happens when people start exercising their real God given ( the gentle reader may modify that language as suits; but that’s how I roll) Rights to freedom of expression without violent reaction; or freedom to defend one’s person against said violence?  Freedom to be secure in ones papers and property?  Freedom from retroactive laws and bills of attainder? — Gus

Fred said it best (May he rest in peace.)

Ace of Spades HQ:

So, If Dreamers Are Merely “Undocumented,” May I Exercise My 2nd Amendment Rights As A Pre-Documented Concealed Carry?

The pro-amnesty contingent of the Democrat party (which seems to be all of them) and their fellow travelers on the hard left (am I repeating myself?) quite obviously think that the lack of documentation — or as normal, law-abiding citizens call it, being a criminal — is a technicality that can be happily, cheerfully, blissfully ignored by these wonderful youngsters who are merely pursuing their dreams to be astronauts or engineers or doctors or landscape technologists.

Or how about all those professions which require a license, certification or professional education? Do you want your next surgery performed by an undocumented but legal doctor, or the next bridge you drive over designed by someone who is an undocumented civil engineer? – Dave

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6 Responses to Gus Bailey Suggest This From Ace

  1. Charles Hudson says:

    Is health care a “right”?

    If individuals have freedom of choice, then they have the freedom to not be nurses and doctors. If health care is a “right”, then people would have to be forced, against their will, to be nurses and doctors to deliver health care.

    The same with housing, clothing and food. People need all these things, but once these necessities are morphed into “rights”, the force of government can be used to “protect” those rights. This argument was used to allow the federal government to seize control of the healthcare segment of the private sector, which amounted to around one-sixth of the economy. The same argument for “human rights” could be used to also take federal control of the housing, clothing, and food segments of the private sector. In fact, there’s no end to what someone could call a “right”, and then insist the federal government take control.

    Food, clothing, shelter, health care: All highly desirable and necessary for a civilized society. And they all came into existence through freedom of choice and the freedom to invent and build, not through centralized planning and government control.

    Getting elected to an office doesn’t automatically make someone capable of anything other than getting elected to an office. Politicians fall all over themselves trying to get control of everything, but in the end they are just other people, no more capable of managing our lives than we are. Freedom of choice dictates we be allowed to do our own managing.

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