From Breitbart Unmasked

When you read this, do you think…

a) Huh. Guy’s got a point there.  


b) Wow. Guy’s gonna climb a clock tower some day.

We suspend the usual standards as far as cursing and being stupid, as this is a direct quote from a little-read website, and you gotta read this! I did not quote the entire thing, on advice of counsel. [Bob Null & Bill Void, Internet Lawyers. In the Yellow Pages under ‘Investigation.’] 

You can file whatever the fuck you please in your shitty little town and we give TWO FUCKS LESS, you piece of living crawling shit on my shoes, what the fuck you do or where you do it at. And you can take this post to your shitty little court and whine like a baby over whatever post you want to whine over, and claim you are a little tiny crying fucking baby victim and do so at your pleasure. But at the end of the day you worthless excuse for human slime and filth, this is the 1st Amendment motherfucker, and we here at this fucking website, whether you think it is read or not, practice that every fucking day you fucking bearded mother fucking wannabe child abusing (as noted by former Maryland Circuit Court Judge Creighton) piece of shit.

This Marcus Licinius Crassus guy needs to up his meds. 
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4 Responses to From Breitbart Unmasked

  1. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

    Sounds like someone who’d have a heart-attack by the time they got to the third flight of stairs.

    Otherwise they’d trip over (those Slovenian horse by-products do get around) such that their poor trigger discipline would cause them to shoot themselves. Probably in the foot, but possibly in the “crank” as I’ve heard it referred to, but that would take expert marksmanship.

    However, I can’t think of who you might be talking about.

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      Shooting yourself in the crank with an AR would take “special” skills. Like Gomer Pyle crossed with Private Pyle. A guy that dumb might do anything. Absolutely anything. He might fish his turds out of the toilet, roll them into balls, sniff them, and blog about it. I mean, absolutely anythings.

      I’m very glad I have no idea who Dave might be talking about. Anyone that F5cked up is beyond imagination.

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

    Very badass. I’m impressed.

    I’d be more impressed with the badassery if they hadn’t oh-so-subtly announced that they are moving their site offshore to avoid subpoenas.

    Because you know that’s why. Sneaky as an elephant stampede, these DUMBFUCKS.

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